Artist: Trevor Rabin

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            South African musician and composer Trevor Rabin was fated for a career in music with a lawyer father who was also a respected violinist and an actress mother who was also an accomplished classical pianist.  At the age of six, Trevor learned classical piano and by twelve, had begun playing the guitar.  He joined his brotherís band and by 17, Trevor had become one of the most sought after guitarists in South Africa.  He would go on to perform with and produce a number of successful bands such as Manfred Mannís Earth Band and Yes and has collaborated with a number of well-known artists including Michael Jackson, Seal, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner and more.  In January 2012, Trevor released his first solo album in twenty years called Jacaranda

            When I first began listening to Jacaranda, I was amazed at the skill with which Trevor Rabin performs.  I am a sucker for a well-played guitar and Trevor Rabin made me jealous with how well he can make a guitar speak.  And the guitar is not the only instrument he can express himself through.  As I understand it, Rabin performed all of the instruments on this album himself, with exception of the drums for which he brought in Vinnie Colaiuta, Lou Molino Ill and his son, Ryan Rabin.

            The first track, Spider Boogie, is a short tease of just what Rabin could do with a guitar.  The rest of the album spans the music genre, going from jazz to rock to classical, all the time making my mouth drop with wonder at Rabinís amazing musical talents.  A couple of the tracks remind me of songs of my youth, electric guitars jamming out a psychedelic style melody - yes, Iím dating myself here, but I grew up on this music and loved hearing it again, especially in Market Street.  Rabin shows off his classical piano prowess in Killarney 1 and 2, a beautifully played four-minute piece that will have you waltzing around the room.  Freethought is one of my favorite jazz pieces on the album.

            I wasnít sure what to expect when I prepared myself to listen to Jacaranda.  The name Trevor Rabin had not rang any bells when I first heard it, but now I realize that I have been listening to his work for years.  Jacaranda is an incredibly enjoyable musical experience featuring a variety of moods and styles that will appeal to any music lover out there.  For someone who hasnít produced a solo album in two decades, with Jacaranda, Trevor Rabin has more than proven that he still has that magic touch as a performer and composer.  I am more than happy to add Jacaranda to my music collection.


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