Composed By: Iain Kelso

Distributed by: Howlin' Wolf Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Jacob, Dylan Horne is Jacob Kell, a lonely and disturbed man who loves his sister more than life itself.  When his sister is tragically killed by their drunken stepfather, Jacob reacts in the only way he knows how...he lashes out...and God help anyone who gets in his way.

                The musical score of Jacob was created by Canadian composer and orchestrator Iain Kelso.  At the age of nine, Kelso began his foray into music, studying the violin.  He then went on to learn the clarinet, piano, cello and contrabass.  He began created musical score for film in 2003 with Love Wine and has gone on to compose music for Blind Eye, The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens and Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes.

                For Jacob, Kelso chose a chamber ensemble with solo performances on the viola by Sergio Trujillo and French Horn by Marc Papeghin.  The viola solo found in the first track, Illi Audiebant Libro, is incredibly beautiful and snippets of this theme can be found in various tracks throughout the film.  This theme may represent Jacob's sister as seen through his eyes or perhaps may be his love for his sister as interpreted through music.  Metal striking metal, coupled with bass drum impacts, represent Jacob's lashing out (I noted an axe being used in the trailer). 

                What I like about the score of Jacob is that, although this is a score created for a horror film, the music takes the forefront here.  There are horror cues present like ominous sounds and violin scratching, but the main focus is on the musical themes.  Unlike many horror soundtracks these days which are mainly sound effects and no substance, the Jacob Soundtrack would do very well as a stand alone album and, no doubt, is an excellent accompaniment to the visuals on screen.  Kudos to Iain Kelso for a job well done.

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