Music from the Films of James Cameron

Musical Score By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            James Cameron has produced some of the most innovative and exciting movies of our time.  We have come along for the ride as men and machines from the future struggled to prevent others from altering our pasts, witnessed underwater phenomenon via the existence of an ancient race of aliens, sailed with the passengers of the Titanic, waged war on an alien planet through the use of avatar bodies and more.  Each movie James Cameron produces is even more exciting than the next and the music only heightens the excitement of the visuals on screen.  In April of 2010, Silva Screen Records released a compilation of music from some of James Cameronís most famous films.

            Music from the Films of James Cameron features musical scores from such well-known composers as Alan Silvestri, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, Brad Fiedel and Cliff Martinez.  The music featured on the album come from such diverse films as Titanic, Avatar, Aliens, Terminator and more.  Each song on the album is diverse in orchestration.  For example, the synthesized sounds of the music of True Lies is as different as can be from the Gaelic tones of Titanicís My Heart Will Go On.  The clashing of armies in War from Avatar is a musical score on a grand orchestral scale as opposed to the metallic and synthetic tones found in The Terminator.

            As a fan of most of James Cameronís movies, I was thrilled to receive this soundtrack compilation.  There is incredible diversity to be found on this album, what with the content the music was written for as well as the diversity of styles of the composers.  The music is some of the best to be found on each of the filmís soundtracks.  My only regret is that the album is only twelve tracks long.  I would have loved to hear more of the music from his films. 

            Any fan of James Cameronís films will be delighted with Music from the Films of James Cameron, a well-compiled album of some of the greatest music from Cameronís best films.


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