Jamesy Boy

Composed By: Jermaine Stegall

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on a true story, Jamesy Boy stars Spencer Lofranco as James Burns, a troubled young man living the life of a suburban gangster in Denver until he finds himself living in a maximum security prison among hardened criminals.  In prison, James must make a choice: continue to live the life of a criminal or turn his life around, with the hopes of leaving prison with a brighter future.

                The musical score of Jamesy Boy was created by American composer Jermaine Stegall who, after attending USC, fell into an internship with Marcelo Beltrami.  This internship served him well, introducing him to Hollywood film making while assisting Beltrami on post production work for I, Robot.  Working in the mediums of television, commercials, video games, trailers and film, Stegall has provided additional music for Scream 4, Supernatural, House M.D. and full length scores for films such as Breathless and Blood Out.

                The Jamesy Boy Soundtrack has a decidedly urban hip-hop/R&B flavor, especially in tracks like High and Seduction.  Featuring electric guitar, bass, synths and percussion with some ambient sound mixed in, the score contains some incredibly dark undertones, reflecting the life James Burns was mixed up with before and during his prison stay.  Only one track, First Kiss, is somewhat upbeat.  The rest have that dark edge to them, and a couple, in particular, contain a snare drum snap - a sound reminiscent of a gun shot.

                I don't doubt that the Jamesy Boy score fits well with the visuals and emotions of the film.  The problem lies with whether fans of the film will purchase the soundtrack and its dark score.  They might just download a few of the more hip-hop flavored tracks, but I can't see folks purchasing the whole album at its eight to ten dollar price tag.


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