Jericho: Season 3: Civil War

Writers: Dan Shotz, Robert Levine, Matthew Federman and Jason M. Burns

Drawn By: Matt Merhoff with Alejandro F. Giraldo

Distributed By: IDW Publishing

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When the television series, Jericho, was canceled after its first season, its fans (myself included) were both shocked and incensed.  This was a show with a unique storyline; something we hadnít seen on TV in the years of the spinoff and reality show market.  To just cancel it like that was hard for us to stomach and a campaign was begun to bring Jericho back.  CBS actually listened and told us that they would bring the show back, but we soon learned that they were just throwing us a bone.  The second season of Jericho would be a much shorter run and was meant to tie up the loose ends.  We wanted more!  Enter Jericho: Season 3: Civil War from IDW Publishing.

            Jericho: Season 3: Civil War is a trade paperback collection of a six comic book series that picks up right where Season 2 left off.  Jake and Hawkins are in Texas trying to persuade the powers that be to fight the Allied States of America.  Their main swaying power lies in the nuclear bomb they have risked everything to bring them, in hopes that the people running the ASA were actually the people behind the bombings that sent the United States of America to its knees.  Season 3 opens with a summit in Texas on the very subject, interrupted by an ASA aerial raid that nearly kills Hawkins. 

            Jake and Hawkins head to New Mexico to rescue an old enemy from an ASA prison - John Smith, orchestrator of the nuclear bombings turned ASA enemy.  John Smith wanted to create a better United States, but his allies in Jennings and Rall created a country with a government more corrupt than the first.  The powers that be running the ASA werenít concerned with making a country better for the people.  They were concerned with lining their pockets with the peopleís money.  Smith wants to bring them down, but heíll need Jake and Hawkins to do it.  Can Jake and Hawkins trust Smith to fight on their side?  Or will he turn on them as soon as he gains his freedom?

            Meanwhile, back in Jericho, things are getting a bit intense.  Major Beck has been contacting allies in the ASA army and showing them the information on Hawkins laptop outlining the Jennings and Rall planned attack on the United States.  Turning these troops against the ASA, Beck plans to use them to fight on the side of the remaining United States and hopefully eradicate the ASA forever.  The underground resistance in Jericho is doing its best to assist Beck, but an unforeseen murder could destroy everything they have worked for.

            I was so happy to learn about the continuation of my beloved show in comic book form that I wanted to rush out and buy it.  Unfortunately, CBS was apparently not done with its pesky Jericho fandom and delayed the comic bookís release.  I waited patiently and ended up receiving the trade paperback for my birthday.  They say that those who are patient reap the rewards and I canít agree more.  Jericho: Season 3: Civil War is just what the doctor ordered a Jericho fan.  The artwork is amazing.  I have seen comic book adaptations before and have scoffed at the artwork, finding myself trying unsuccessfully to see the original character in the drawings in the book.  But the artwork in this trade paperback perfectly represents every single character in the Jericho series.  You can recognize every single character thanks to the fantastic artwork.  The people who worked on this comic book are extremely talented artists.

            Then thereís the storyline.  Thereís the perfect mix of action, intrigue and suspense that we loved in the television series.  One of the things I loved about the television series was that you, the viewer, were untangling the mysteries of the bombings right along side the main characters.  The viewer was thoroughly involved in the show and its little nuances, twists and turns.  The same holds true for Jericho: Season 3: Civil War.  The mystery is still there - so are the plot twists.  The writers of this story kept themselves faithful to the original series.  They even remembered to add the morse code messages in every chapter!  And I loved the cliffhanger at the end. 

            I enjoyed reading Jericho: Season 3: Civil War and found it to be a perfect way to continue my beloved television series.  My only hope is that this cliffhanger gets resolved.  In other words, give us a Season 4!


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