John Cena – My Life

3 Disc Set

Produced by WWE in conjunction with Genius Products/LLC

Running Time: Approximately 8 hours

Price: $34.95

Reviewed by Jon Minners


            John Cena may be out of action for several months due to an injury, but his legacy lives on in John Cena: My Life, a DVD chronicling the rise to the top made by one of the most unique individuals in wrestling history

            My Life is a must-have for any John Cena fan.  His childhood in Boston, a successful amateur football career, bodybuilding aspirations and his beginnings, successes, pitfalls and eventual championship reigns in the wrestling world - this DVD gives viewers a rare peak at the Dr. of Thuganomics from the people that know him best – his family, friends and colleagues. 

            Ironically, the entire first disc is a documentary featuring no interviews with The Champ himself.  And while that may disappoint some viewers, the direction was a unique idea and a different angle.  Plus, there are enough Cena home movies, rare early wrestling footage, behind-the-scenes tales and nostalgic wrestling moments of his past 5 years in the WWE to keep any Cena fan happy.

            Insight from such wrestling luminaries as Mick Foley, JBL (why he was proud to pass the torch to Cena), Edge (Adam Copeland provides some great insight as to why their feud just worked), HHH, Tazz, Vince McMahon (how he didn’t think Cena would make it based on his earlier work) and Jim Ross (JR discovered and signed Cena to a contract) rounded out the disc, which can easily be described as inspirational.  Viewers will feel the impulse to bang out an extra set or go the extra mile.  If a kid from Boston could do it, what’s stopping everyone else?

            If you want to hear John Cena reflect on his career, the second disc provides just that sort of insight. The ground and pound specialist discusses his thoughts on matches that include: an earlier battle with Randy Orton in OVW when Cena was known as the Prototype; his early WWE matches with Jericho and Rikishi, his classics with RVD, JBL and Edge and his dream match teaming with Hulk Hogan and HBK.  The second disc also includes interviews and promos, some of which foreshadow Cena’s future success, well before his Hip Hop persona. 

            The third disc is the most interesting entry, showcasing Cena in a totally different light. Featuring over 2 hours of footage from the popular webisode “5 Questions with the Champ,” viewers see his human side.  This disc offers insight on why Cena connects so well with his fans.  He’s down to earth - not caught up in the politics of wrestling, but definitely enjoying the ride.  It is a nice addition to an already excellent DVD. 

Bodybuilder, rapper, movie star and wrestler – John Cena is doing it all.  He’s living the dream…don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.  


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