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Junya Be

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Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Are you looking for a new sound…you know, some fresh music that you haven’t heard before on mainstream radio.  Well, look no further than, where you can find some of the most interesting and enjoyable independent artists out there.  At, we love listening to new artists and the different styles they have to offer.  When Junya Be offered a CD filled with his music in exchange for some honest opinions regarding which songs might be best for a new album, we jumped at the opportunity.

            Junya Be is a reggae / hip-hop artist from Florida, by way of Cincinnati, Ohio.  While in Ohio, Junya Be teamed up with R&B / soul singer Ron C to create Soulragga, releasing a 16-track self-titled album that received quite a bit of praise.  As a bi-racial group, Soulragga hoped to be a symbol of unity and barriers being broken down.  Going solo, Junya Be still feels the need to spread the message of a need for change, something that fits in perfectly with the times.

            The first thing that struck me as soon as I popped Junya Be’s music into my CD player is that the music immediately had my body moving.  Twisting around in my seat and bobbing my head, all I wanted to do is dance.  The CD I received contained 20 tracks, considered more reggae than hip-hop.  At least half of the tracks contain positive messages for society – be true to yourself, don’t follow the bad crowd, be accepting to change, don’t let anyone bring you down, live your life for today and make a difference in the world.  Some of the songs are just good plain fun.  My favorites include Move Along, This Feeling, Bun Up, More In Mind, Old Time Friend, Talk Bout Change and It Goes Down.  Each song in Junya Be’s repertoire has a great hook, terrific beats and excellent blends, whether he is just performing with his band or whether he gets a little help from friends such as Sandra Dee, Kozi Moe, Bellyfull Crew, Ron Caesar & Blacimus, Young Tay, Mista Swift and Jus Goodie.

            Fans of reggae will love the sound Junya Be produces – a fun and fresh sound with lyrics that often offer a message to his listeners.  Junya Be is a MySpace Find that any fan of reggae or hip-hop will enjoy.  My opinion on the music in this 20-track CD – every one of the songs would be perfect on Junya Be’s solo debut album.

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