Romantic Comedy

Just My Luck

Distributed By: 20th Century Fox

Reviewed by Justine Manzano

             I have a confession to make.  I really, really donít like Lindsay Lohan.  The truth is, she has never done anything to me, and I have no reason to dislike her, or any of the other crazy people that seem to surround her (for one, Paris Hilton).  I donít really think Lohan can act, she can sing, but her choice of production is not great, and she seems in a daze whenever she does anything.  Yet, for some strange reason that can only be explained by the fact that I am a romantic, I wanted to see Just My Luck, Lohanís most recent romantic comedy, when it came out in the theaters.  Due to a lack of funds (G-Pop doesnít pay the rent or the tuition, and thatís all my day job seems capable of!) I never went to see the film, but instead, rented it last week.  So, I gave Lohan a shot.  Hereís how it turned out.

            Just My Luck follows the story of Ashley Albright a successful young woman with amazing luckóshe always happens to get what she wants exactly when she wants it.  After getting a promotion and being put in charge of a big bash for a client, Ashley stumbles upon Jake Hardin (Chris Pine, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement) and her luck plummets.  Jake has been managing a band called McFly for years, but his terrible luck always gets in the way of their chances.  Just when they are about to walk out on him, a chance encounter with Ashley leaves his luck changed and suddenly he is sucked into the exciting music production world.  However, as Ashley suffers his former fate, he canít help but want to rescue her and she canít help but try to get her good luck back.

            Hereís the thing about this movie: Itís not that special.  Like much of the romantic fluff out there, it is very predictable and sappy.  Despite this, I like romantic fluff.  I did not however truly like this movie.  Why?  Well, it wasnít Chris Pine.  He was adorable as the guy who had been down on his luck for so long, he knew how to handle everything.  My problem with this movie would have to be Lohan.  Despite the face that I had promised myself I would put my dislike of her behind me for the sake of this movie, I couldnít seem to.  I am astounded at the sheer volume of acting roles given to such a wooden actor who wanders through scenes without much emotion at all.  Had this movie been cast with another lead, it would have been a joy to see.  Led by Lohan, it fell flat.

            In the end, Just My Luck is just want you want in your fluffy romantic fare.  It is cute and sexy and appeals to anyone with a soft spot for romance.  What it doesnít appeal to however, are those that are not in love with the poppy Ms. Lohan.  But if you can put that aside, the movie is not terrible and may just be worth the price of admission. 


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