The Keeper of Lost Causes

Composed by: Johan Söderqvist, Uno Helmersson and Patrik Andrén

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the crime novel series by Jussi Alder-Olsen, The Keeper of Lost Causes is the first film in the Department Q Scandinavian movie series.  In this crime series, Nikolaj Lie Kass and Fares Fares star as Inspector Carl Mřrck and Assad, two investigators assigned to re-investigate cold cases whenever new evidence arises.  In The Keeper of Lost Causes, the investigators find themselves looking into the suicide of a young girl who is discovered to be alive, kept in place by a serial killer.

                The musical score of The Keeper of Lost Causes was created by the Scandinavian composing team of Johan Soderqvist, Uno Herlmersson and Patrik Andren.  Johan Soderqvist is one of the busiest Scandinavian composers of his time, creating musical scores for Brothers, After the Wedding, In a Better Word, Love Is All You Need, Kon-Tiki, Let the Right One In and, working with Andren and Helmersson, the hit crime series The Bridge.

                The Keeper of Lost Causes Soundtrack features a mix of orchestral and electronic sound.  We hear guitars, pianos, synths, strings, horns and percussion in addition to disjointed electronic sounds.  The music is often sad as the investigators are working on cases that tend to have sad endings, particularly one in which a young girl is believed to have committed suicide, only to be found the captive of a serial killer.  The Opening Titles present a mix of orchestral and contemporary sound.  In Pressure, ominous undertones joined by low registry horn bursts seem sinister. Car Crash features a softer sound perhaps depicting a sadness or sense of innocence.  The Window is a mix of that innocence coupled with ominous undertones. 

                The score of The Keeper of Lost Causes plays out like a sophisticated horror score, offering up a suspenseful score that makes for quite the interesting listen.  I rather enjoyed the music created by the composing team of Soderqvist, Helmersson and Andren and would be happy to sample more of their work.  The Keeper of Lost Causes Soundtrack is definitely worth the listen.


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