Kellie's Diary #2 and 3

Author:  Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins

Published By: Survive Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Some time ago, I decided to check out a zombie short story with an innovative style.  Kellie’s Diary was the zombie apocalypse written in the view of a ten year old child.  All alone after zombies attack her school, Kellie somehow makes it home, only to find that her family – mother, father and two sisters – are gone.  She tells all of this to her diary, lovingly named Barbie.  I enjoyed this tale so much, I wanted to know if Kellie survives.  I decided to check out the second and third volumes of Kellie’s Diary.

Kellie’s Diary #2 begins shortly after the first, with Kellie loading up her bookbag and the basket on her bike and heading out into the cruel world, hoping to make it to Oregon and her grandfather’s house.  She leaves notes around the house to let her family know where she has gone in case they return.  A fairly intelligent girl, she lays out her journey on a map, choosing a route that she will be able to remember if she loses the map.

Ending up at a mall after her bike chain breaks, we find it remarkable that the girl, now ten going on eleven, has survived this long.  Unfortunately, she soon finds herself surrounded by zombies.  She is rescued, but soon learns that there are things more dangerous than zombies in this world, a painful lesson for someone so young.  Kellie somehow manages to escape, but not unscathed.

In Kellie’s Diary #3, Kellie ends up in a camp, where she has found one of her sisters, and together they now live with other survivors.  Now two years since the zombie apocalypse began, a twelve year old Kellie finds herself going to a makeshift school, playing with friends and eating rationed food behind the protection of guarded fences.  Things seem safe, but they aren’t really and things go from bad to worse when a child is bitten and the camp is overrun. 

Kellie, her sister and the surviving members of the camp eventually find themselves in a scary situation, surrounded by zombies until they reach a train carrying other survivors who have been traveling across the country gathering supplies and dodging zombies.  Kellie’s group of survivors joins the group on the train, but they don’t exactly trust their new benefactors, especially since they have taken away Kellie’s group’s weapons…all except the gun Kellie is carrying.

Reading the second and third volumes of Kellie’s Diary, we witness Kellie growing up before our very eyes.  With each volume, we watch Kellie mature as witnessed in her writing style, her penmanship and reasoning ability.  But there are other signs of maturity…more womanly signs that cause confusion and fear.  Apparently Kellie’s mom hadn’t had the opportunity to talk about the birds and the bees with her daughter before the world went to hell.  Why would she even think she would have to have that conversation with a ten year old? 

With all that Kellie has survived, one can’t be surprised when she starts showing signs of PTSD in the form of a monster only she can see, called the Bagman.  Is this a result of what happened to her in the mall, or something more sinister?  And how dangerous will this become in the long run?  I can’t wait to find out in chapters four through six!


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