First Impressions

King & Maxwell

Aired on: TNT

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When The Closer ended, I was happy to see that Jon Tenney was able to carry over his role as FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard on the spin-off series Major Crimes.  But this year, it was announced that Tenney would not be returning to Major Crimes, but would be starring in a new role in an all new series, King & Maxwell.  I like Jon Tenney, so I decided to check it out when it debuted after Major Crimes (10pm EST) on June 10, 2013.

                King & Maxwell stars Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn as Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, two former Secret Service agents who have become private investigators based in Washington, D.C.  The series is based on best-selling novels written by David Baldacci.  King & Maxwell have been partners for about a year now and we learn in the very opening of the series just how brash Michelle Maxwell can be with a little car chase.  Or should I say a quite interesting high speed chase with Maxwell following a tour bus driven very recklessly by a man dressed in a beaver suit.

                Of course, rather than focusing on the action of the scene and the pretty lousy DC backdrop, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the idea of a beaver driving a tour bus.  I was still laughing when the bus crashed and the beaver got out and started running with Maxwell in hot pursuit on foot.  Too funny. 

                That moment was the most memorable in the entire show.  I mean, I loved Jon Tenney in Brooklyn South, The Closer and Major Crimes and I enjoyed Rebecca Romijn’s work in Ugly Betty and the X-Men films.  But in this television series, despite all the hype, I see no real chemistry between the two.  The addition of Michael O’Keefe as FBI Agent Frank Rigby doesn’t help matters much.  His portrayal of a supposed hardcase FBI agent with a huge lack of respect for the two investigators makes his character come off as a simply annoying little snit.

                The premiere episode of the series featured the two investigators uncovering answers behind the murder of a fellow attorney who King credits as the man who saved him after the disaster that destroyed his Secret Service career and sent his life on a downward spiral.  No offense, but as King tells this story, I simply wasn’t feeling it.  There was a dramatic flare there, but it didn’t seem all that believable.  Neither did the whole story uncovered behind the murder…in fact, without giving too much away, it all sounded truly far-fetched and conspiracy theory-ish.

                To tell the truth, the premiere episode of King & Maxwell actually put me to sleep for approximately ten minutes and yet, I didn’t feel like I had missed anything important.  Perhaps things will improve after an episode or two, but this article series is called First Impressions and my first impression of this series is: I am not impressed.


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