Kiss the Devil in the Dark

Composed By: Gerrit Wunder

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the horror/fantasy short film, Kiss the Devil in the Dark, Dameon Clarke is Marcus, a powerful sorcerer desperate to save the life of his young wife.  He makes a deal with a demon named Dagon (Doug Jones), but Dagon has much more in mind than saving the soul of Marcus’ wife.  He wants much, much more!

                The musical score of Kiss the Devil in the Dark was created by Austrian composer Gerrit Wunder.  Studying classical composition, jazz composition, music technology and film music at the University of Music in Vienna, Wunder has a Master’s Degree in composition.  He began composing for television and film in 2003 and is one of the few composers to consecutively win both the ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers.  Some of his composing credits include the musical scores of The Sound of Hollywood, Inside America, Dirty Money, Tough Cookies and She’s Got A Plan.

                The score of Kiss the Devil in the Dark is mainly orchestral, featuring horns, strings, and percussion.  A choir adds to the dramatic flare of the music at certain points.  Let Her Live is quite a sad track, with strings lamenting the eminent passing of Marcus’ wife and percussion representing the anguish of Marcus.  Softer, sadder tracks represent Marcus’ love for his wife and all he is willing to do to keep her alive.  Louder, more dramatic tracks, featuring strings, bass drum strikes, horns and cymbals, speak to the calling of Dagon and his evil doings throughout the film.

                The Kiss the Devil in the Dark Soundtrack is dramatic to say the least.  I can picture this score as one that would be perfect for a silent film.  The music tells the story, no need for visuals.  Nothing scary really about this score, which is something I would have expected given the supernatural aspect of the film.  That being said, I believe that Gerrit Wunder achieved exactly what he set out to do – create a dramatic and exciting thematic score that would offset the visuals of the film.  Well done.


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