Knights of Badassdom

Music By: Bear McCreary

Distributed by: Sparks & Shadows

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When I received the Knights of Badassdom Soundtrack with music composed by Bear McCreary, I smirked.  I mean, face it, with a name like Knights of Badassdom, what kind of movie do you think this is and what kind of music could possibly be found on the soundtrack?  C'mon, you know you want to say it...Badass!

                Knights of Badassdom stars Peter Dinklage, SteveZahn and Ryan Kwanten as three close friends and avid Live Action Role Players who set off into the woods on the ultimate LARP adventure.  Enacting their Dungeons & Dragons-like fantasy adventure set in the Middle Ages, the trio accidentally unleash a Succubus from the pits of hell.  Now, the friends, thrust into a world of fantasy meets reality, must find the strength within themselves to vanquish this evil threat before it unleashes itself on the rest of the world.

                Okay, the movie sounds sufficiently silly, but definitely action and adventure packed.  So now that you know what kind of movie Knights of Badassdom is, what kind of music would you expect?  What?!  Come on!  This is Bear McCreary we are talking about, creator of the Battlestar Galactica scores we so love - think bigger!  Sure, based on the Middle Ages and fantasy elements, we expect some Celtic sound, but we are talking some serious action here!  That's right, we are rocking and this movie soundtrack features some heavy metal and rock band heavy hitters like Brendon Small from Dethklok, Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake and DioMike Keneally from Frank Zappa's band, Steve Bartek of Oingo Boingo, Ira Ingber from Bob Dylan's band, Pete Griffin of Three Inches of Blood and Joe Travers from Zappa Plays Zappa.  Now do you get it?

                The first track, The Kingdom of Eliphaz begins innocently enough, with the sound of birds chirping and the ominous background sound of thunder rumbling.  Enter the Celtic sounds featuring Scottish pipes, Uileann pipes and Irish whistles.  Nice and peaceful until the percussion comes in and gives the music a more intense sound.  The very next track begins innocently enough, but with a title like Your Heart Sucks My Soul, you had to know it wouldn't stay that way.  Enter the electric guitars, electric bass, awesome guitar licks and slamming percussions, served up with that heavy metal scream that passes as singing.

                Every other track is just as slamming as the one before it.  Tracks that begin softly, like Gwen's Theme, become heavy hitting action-based tracks that you can't help but play air guitar to.  Even the lyrics are what you would expect from a heavy metal track: "I made a sacrifice of my soul before / A blazing funeral pyre for you / A thousand deaths, and Id suffer more / Eternal cold, forever yours / Hear me, Hellspawn!"

                I know, I sound like I'm making fun of the Knights of Badassdom Soundtrack, but actually, I found it to be a great deal of fun.  Every so often you need an action-based slamming score to dial up the adrenaline and get you pumped up to face the day.  On those days, the Knights of Badassdom Soundtrack is just what the doctor ordered.  Once again, Bear McCreary delivers a powerful soundtrack that is perfect as an accompaniment to the film it was created for and as a stand alone album.  Definitely a must listen for all you rock fans out there!


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