Fan Fiction


Love and Betrayal

by Melissa Minners

Disclaimer and Other Information:  It should be noted that all of the characters and many of the locales in this fan fiction are not mine.  They are owned by The WB.  This fan fiction is somewhat of an homage to the series and was written during the one and only season of Birds of Prey.  I began writing BOP fan fiction after some annoyance at one of the characters created for the show.  The whole idea of writing a fan fiction is to take a show, movie, etc. that you enjoy and put your own spin on it and that is what I have done.  This particular story takes place some time after the episode entitled Three Birds and a Baby. I have used a little liberty here with events. I thought this idea up a while back before the episodes that followed Three Birds, so keep in mind that none of the episodes that followed come into play here. This was my first foray into online fanfic and first appeared on a little website known as Birds of Prey Online.  I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Three

          Helena stood rooted to the entrance of the hospital room. She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. She barely registered that Dinah had just asked her a question. All of Helena's attention was focused on the figure lying in the hospital bed across the room. Helena's jaw clenched as she took it all in - the bruises, the bandages, the IVs, and the monitors. She wasn't sure who she was angrier at - whoever had attacked Barbara Gordon, or herself for failing Barbara when she needed her most.


          I turned off the comms. She needed me and I didn't know because I wasn't wearing them. What have I done?

          "Helena?" Dinah lay a sympathetic hand on Helena's shoulder. She knew how much Barbara meant to Helena, even if Helena couldn't admit it to herself. "Helena, who could have done this to her?"

          As if coming out of a dream, Helena slowly turned to acknowledge Dinah. "I-I don't know. It could have been anyone. She made so many enemies in her days as Batgirl..." Helena's voice trailed off as she turned once more to look into the room. She couldn't actually bring herself to walk into the room. To get a closer look at Barbara's injuries would make the nightmare more of a reality, and Helena was still hoping she would wake up and find that this was all a horrible dream. "But whoever it was must know by now that she's still alive..."

          "...and they might come here to finish the job," Dinah finished the thought. "Maybe you should contact Reese - get him to post a guard outside the door," Dinah suggested. She knew the answer before it escaped Helena's lips.

          "No. If he hasn't landed this case yet, I'd just as soon not draw attention to it. If Reese starts poking his nose around, he might end up finding out more about us than we want him to at this point. Besides..."

          The sentence went unfinished as Helena turned at the sound of approaching footsteps. Dr. Gerard Billings, the doctor who had explained Barbara's condition moments ago was headed toward them, chart in hand.

          "I'm sorry, ladies, but you will have to leave now. You understand that I'm already bending the hospital's rules here. Only family members are allowed to visit critical patients..."

          "We are family," Helena stated firmly, glaring angrily at the doctor.

          "Yes, family members can only stay for a short time. I am truly sorry, but you will have to leave. The hospital will contact you if there are any changes in Ms. Gordon's condition."

          Dinah turned to Helena, looking for her to argue with the doctor, but Helena had already turned to walk down the hall. Dinah ran to catch up and grabbed Helena's arm. "Wait, where are you going?"

          "He needs to believe I'm leaving. I need you to go back there and cause a scene - divert their attention away from the room. It should only take a minute for me to slip inside. Then you call Alfred and have him take you home."

          "You're going to watch her from inside the room?!"

          "Damned straight! That's why I don't want to get in touch with Reese. If he posts a cop outside the door, this creep might decide to back off. Even if he does try to get to Barbara anyway, all the cops will do is arrest him and that's not enough."

          The look on Helena's face was enough to send a shiver down Dinah's spine. She'd seen Helena angry before, close to the edge, but she'd never seen her this close. Right now, Helena was teetering toward the point of no return. Dinah believed that if Barbara's attacker did make an appearance tonight, he'd be dead by morning, and judging from Helena's state of mind right now, it would be a slow, painful death.


          "Look, Dinah, we're losing our window of opportunity here! Just do it!"

          Dinah knew she didn't have a choice. Regardless of whether or not she helped, Helena would find some way to get into that room. Besides, maybe this animal deserved a piece of his own medicine. Dinah just hoped that Helena would remember Barbara's constant admonition never to cross the line. Maybe that would keep her from killing the creep.

          Dinah ran toward Dr. Billings. "Doctor, please, you don't understand! Barbara's the only family I have! Please, don't make me leave?"

          While Dinah grabbed at the now very uncomfortable doctor's coat sleeve, pleading with him to let her stay, Helena stealthily made her way into Barbara Gordon's room. Just as the head nurse made a move to call hospital security, Dinah let go of Dr. Billings' arm and shuffled toward the Nurses' Station requesting to use the phone. She hoped that she had given Helena enough time.

          Dr. Billings smoothed his lab coat and stepped away from the grief-stricken teenager. Why did he always get the rough ones? He just knew that bending the rules would get him into trouble. He almost hadn't let them see Ms. Gordon. He hadn't liked the look of that other one...the other one...where was she? He quickly walked toward the room.

          Dinah, talking to Alfred on the phone, the tears falling from her eyes genuine now, watched the doctor as he approached Barbara's room. As he stepped inside, she held her breath.

          Dr. Billings entered the room and looked around, but all he found was Barbara Gordon surrounded by tubes and monitors. He shook his head at his foolishness. Of course, the girl had left. She had started walking away as soon as he had told them they had to leave. Why she would leave the younger girl behind was none of his business.

          When she was sure he would not return, Helena slipped out of concealment. Had the doctor looked up when he entered the room, he would have been astonished to see Helena Kyle crouched above him, in the niche between the corner walls and ceiling. She had breathed a sigh of relief when he left the room, convinced it was empty. Spider-man she wasn't, and supporting yourself between walls and ceiling was no easy task. Now that he was gone, Helena could commit her full attention to guarding Barbara. Taking care to stay out of the line of site of anyone passing by the room's entrance, Helena slowly approached the bed. Seeing the injuries from afar was difficult enough, but now, as she stood beside the hospital bed, Helena could see the extent of Barbara's injuries more clearly. Whoever had done this had been filled with hate, of that much Helena was sure.

          As she stood there, gazing at the woman who had taken her in, become her mentor and her friend, Helena was filled with regret. She had said some terrible things to Barbara in that last argument. What if those were the last things she ever got to say to her? She couldn't bear the thought. Tears flowing freely, Helena prayed that Barbara would hear her as she whispered, "
Oh, Barbara...oh God... I'm so sorry! I should have been there - should have stopped this. I failed you. You took me in when no one else would. No matter how hard I pushed you away, you kept coming back for more. You never gave up on me. Never stopped believing in me. And look how I've repaid you. All those things I said the other night...I didn't mean any of it. It's just...every time I let someone get close...I lose them. After Mom, I swore that I'd never let myself get that close to anyone again. Losing her hurt so much. But I blew it! I let you in. Last night, I said that you weren't anything like my mother and that you never would be. I lied. The truth is that you're more than just a mentor to me. More than just a friend. You're family. You're like my Mom - as close to me as she was, and as hard as I've fought against it, I've found myself loving you just as much. I love you, Barbara. Please hang on. I can't lose you, too. Please..."



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