Fan Fiction


Love and Betrayal

by Melissa Minners

Disclaimer and Other Information:  It should be noted that all of the characters and many of the locales in this fan fiction are not mine.  They are owned by The WB.  This fan fiction is somewhat of an homage to the series and was written during the one and only season of Birds of Prey.  I began writing BOP fan fiction after some annoyance at one of the characters created for the show.  The whole idea of writing a fan fiction is to take a show, movie, etc. that you enjoy and put your own spin on it and that is what I have done.  This particular story takes place some time after the episode entitled Three Birds and a Baby. I have used a little liberty here with events. I thought this idea up a while back before the episodes that followed Three Birds, so keep in mind that none of the episodes that followed come into play here. This was my first foray into online fanfic and first appeared on a little website known as Birds of Prey Online.  I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Six

          Helena and Dinah crowded around Barbara and her bank of computers as she explained the link between the numerous seemingly unrelated murders occurring in New Gotham within the past couple of weeks.

          "You see," Barbara began in an excited voice, "the third murder victim was a retired court officer. And the sixth was a reporter for the Gotham Times. The eighth worked as a clerk for Judge Barcrow for about a year. Thinking that these people were the most likely of the victims to have crossed paths, I ran a check through Gotham court records, old newspaper articles,..."

          "Barbara!" Helena exclaimed in an exasperated tone. "What did you find out?"

          Sighing, Barbara explained, "All of the victims were involved, in one way or another, with a court case that dates back to before either of you were born. Judge Barcrow presided over the case, the third victim was the court officer working the trial, and the reporter covered the trial. The other victims were all members of the jury." Pulling up news articles about the case, Barbara continued, "The case wasn't exactly high profile, but it did attract some media attention."

          "Wait!" exclaimed Dinah, pointing to a line in one of the articles. "Does that say Jim Gordon?"

          "Yes, apparently Dad had a hand in bringing Jeff Worther to justice. Mr. Worther had committed a series of thefts, his last one resulting in the death of a museum curator. Worther professed his innocence throughout the trial, but all of the evidence pointed to his guilt. He was convicted and sent to prison."

          Helena stood staring at the computer screen, lost in thought, her right hand cupping her chin, the forefinger abstractedly taping her cheek. She could hardly believe that her ploy to get Reese to keep investigating Barbara's case was actually turning out to be a valid connection.

          "Barbara, your father brought this guy to justice, and everyone involved with the case is ending up dead. See the link here?"

          "Yeah, but one: My Dad brought him to justice, not me - all of the others had a direct hand in the case. Two: All of the other victims are dead."

          "Yeah, well, it's still too much of a coincidence to ignore. So, how long ago did this guy get out of prison."

          Barbara's hands were a flurry of activity as she searched databases looking for the answer to Helena's question. The answer was a bit surprising.

          "He didn't get out. According to the prison records, he died in prison. About two years into his sentence, he was shanked by another prisoner."

          Dinah exchanged confused looks with Helena and Barbara. "So, if Worther is dead, who's attacking the people who sent him to prison, and why?"

          Barbara turned back to the computer banks. "I'll have to do more research. The only thing I know for certain is that there are only two other people directly related to the case left. One is a former court reporter. The other was one of the jurors."

          "Three," Helena corrected. "Like you said, you're still alive."

          "Yeah, well, I think I'll be safe here. You two will have to split up to protect the other two potential victims." Barbara pulled up photos of the other two victims and printed them, along with their current addresses.

          "We're on it." Helena and Dinah headed toward the elevator, Dinah pausing to pick up car keys and a two-way communicator.

          "Be careful," Barbara admonished as she began tapping computer keys at a furious pace. "And stay in constant contact, okay? I'll keep working on finding out who was close enough to Worther to make them want to exact revenge."


          "Okay, my potential vic is fairly boring. How's Dinah doing?" For the past hour, Huntress had been perched on the sixth floor ledge of an apartment building, staring into a window in the apartment building across the way. Inside was Carrie Bailey, the former juror, who had just spent the past hour sitting in an easy chair reading a novel. She had only moved once to go to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

          "Dinah says she's equally bored. It seems that Simon Crawford is a seventy-year-old retiree who enjoys falling asleep on the couch while watching Court TV."

          Huntress chuckled. At least she wasn't the only one bored to tears. "So, how goes the search for our perp?"

          "Running pretty cold actually. He had no visitors in prison. Not one person came to see him the entire time he was there. He had a sister that lived in Bludhaven, but she died about three years after the trial. I'll keep looking though."

          "Wait. My girl's moving. Damn, someone must be at the door. Gotta go."

          Huntress jumped from her ledge to the ledge on the adjacent building, just as Carrie Bailey opened the door. There was a blur of movement at the door and Bailey tipped backwards, slamming into the coat rack to the left of the door. Huntress was in the apartment two seconds later, as the unwanted visitor pounced on his victim. The perp, clad in black clothing and wearing a wide-brimmed black hat over a black facemask, wrapped his hands around Bailey's throat in a vice-like grip.

          "I'm sorry, I didn't hear the lady invite you to come in."

          Startled, the attacker's head shot up, just in time to receive a kick to the face from Huntress, sending him sprawling in the hallway just outside the apartment. He wasn't on the floor long. A handspring later, the black-clad perp was up and running toward an open window at the end of the hallway. He jumped out the window.

          "Love this guy's outfit," Huntress' voice dripped with sarcasm. "Thinks he's Zorro or something." She hurried toward the window, which conveniently lead to a fire escape. But there was no sign of the attacker.

          "What the hell?!"

          "Huntress!" came Oracle's concern-edged voice. "What's going on?"

          "Well, our guy showed up to party, then disappeared when things got too hot. He seems to have disappeared. I don't see him anywhere on the street. I'm gonna head up to the roof."


          This was just too good! He had waited until 11PM to attack Carrie Bailey, one of the last people on his to-kill list. He'd never expected to have a problem with this one. She was a loner, a bookworm who had never seen the inside of a gym. This one was gonna be easy, he'd thought. That is, until he finally got his hands on her puny throat and was unpleasantly interrupted by that bitch. He'd jumped out the window, simultaneously shooting a grappling hook toward an open window on the seventh floor to the right. The motorized winch attached to his wrist shot him up and he was inside the apartment in a matter of seconds.

          She was fast, he thought, but not fast enough. He snuck a peak out the window and watched as she jumped from the outer edge of the fire escape ladder to the roof above - a five-floor jump. She's meta-human, he thought. Perfect! He had something for her. He still couldn't believe his fortune. This was Helena Kyle. Barbara Gordon was once her guardian. And he owed Gordon!

          His father had been a low-level crook, a small-time burglar, content with knocking over liquor stores and gas stations for a quick buck. That all changed when his son Wade was born. The mother, a Gotham City streetwalker, died shortly after he was born, leaving Jeff Worther with a decision to make - what to do with his son. Worther sent his son to live with sister in Bludhaven, while he found a way to make some money to help raise him. Having little education and close to no skills, Worther found that he made more money knocking over gas stations than he would working in one. He decided to set his sights higher. Bigger heists meant more money. So, Worther decided to hit museums, banks, and art galleries. Anything for his boy. Every week, he'd come to his sister's house in Bludhaven, showering Wade with gifts and giving his sister money to ensure that Wade had all he ever wanted.

          This went on for six years, until that fateful night in the museum. Nobody was supposed to be there. It was supposed to be a simple heist. And it was. He was in and out with the goods in a matter of minutes. But the next day, a guard had found the curator of the museum in his office lying in a pool of blood. Somehow the police managed to tie the burglary with Jeff Worther, and Commissioner Gordon, a long-time friend of the museum curator, made it his mission to bring Worther to justice. Jeff Worther was sentenced to prison, largely thanks to Commissioner Gordon's drummed up evidence. Wade's aunt had told him that the evidence against his father was all fabricated - that James Gordon was out to destroy Wade's father. Well, he got his wish, Wade thought. Two years later, his father was murdered. In Wade's mind, it might as well have been Commissioner Gordon who shoved that shank five inches deep into his father's side. He vowed to make the people responsible for his father's death pay.


          A year later, his aunt died, and Wade was placed in a foster home. He was adopted by the Brixtons, an upper-class family who showered Wade with affection. They, too, wanted to give Wade everything he could ever want. And they had the money to do it. He was happy with them, but he never forgot his vow to avenge his father. Wade went to the finest schools and majored in studies that would most benefit his plans of revenge. He planned and prepared for years. Then he moved to New Gotham, but found that he was too late to carry out his revenge on James Gordon. So, he found work at New Gotham High School and made it his business to get close to Barbara Gordon. He'd gotten so close to her in fact, that no one had suspected him, the doting boyfriend, in her attack. He had been incensed that she had survived the attack, but he figured that he could complete the job later. Learning from his unsuccessful attack on Barbara Gordon, he intensified his attacks on the others on his list, ensuring that they wouldn't survive.

          Now, Helena Kyle was hot on his trail. Well, Helena Kyle was the closest thing to family that Barbara Gordon had left. Barbara wasn't the Gordon that had sent his father to prison and, ultimately to his death, but to Wade, any Gordon would do. Now, Barbara would learn what it felt like to lose someone close to her, someone she loved. He knew how to handle meta-humans. He'd dealt with them before. The man who had killed his father was a meta-human. All he had to do was equalize the playing field.

          Well, he thought, no better time than the present. Wade climbed back out the window, reattaching the grappling hook to the window ledge, and reversing the winch to allow him to lower himself the seven stories to the ground below. Once his feet hit the ground, he looked up at the roof.

          "Hey! You up there!"

          Huntress peered over the roof's edge at the ground below.

          "Looking for me?"

          "Do you believe this guy?!" Huntress said incredulously.

          "You want me?! Ya' gotta catch me first!"

          Wade took off, running down the street. Huntress launched herself off the roof.

          "Huntress, be careful," Oracle cautioned, "this sounds like a trap."

          "Quit worrying, will you? I'm always careful," Huntress said as she headed off down the street after him.

          "Well, if I wasn't worried before?"

          "Very funny."
The chase led her into a dark alley. A dead end from what she could see. Her prey stopped short just in front of the wall at the other end of the alley. He spun around to face her.

          "Oops. Guess you picked the wrong alley to run in to." Huntress readied for an attack. Her prey didn't disappoint her. In fact, he surprised her by shooting a mini-grappling hook at her. She had just enough time to bend backwards and out of the way, as the hook buried itself in a streetlight pole outside the alley. Huntress grabbed the ultra-thin cable attached to the hook and pulled, hurling her prey towards her. He pressed the release button on his wrist and tucked and rolled, shooting up with a double-fisted attack at Huntress' mid-section. They both sprawled to the floor. Huntress grabbed at her adversary's mask as he hurried to put some space between himself and his foe. The mask tore away, and as he backed into the far wall, Wade did little to conceal his features from her.

          "YOU! I don't believe it! How COULD you?!"

          "Huntress, what is it? What's wrong?" Oracle's concerned voice echoed through her ears as Huntress gaped at Wade Brixton, Barbara's boyfriend.

          Barbara. She'd forgotten that the comms were on. She couldn't tell her, not yet anyway. "Not now, Oracle," she yelled as she launched her attack. Wade sidestepped, bringing his left hand around in a sweeping motion. A dart flew from a wrist gun, catching Huntress in the right shoulder. It was a tiny dart, the impact barely registered by Huntress as she prepared for a second attack. Wade was now backing toward the alley's entrance. She couldn't let him get away, but she suddenly felt dizzy. She launched her attack anyway, striking Wade square in the chin, knocking him off of his feet and sending him sliding a couple of feet. He rose and counter-attacked, and that was when Huntress knew she was in trouble. She was having trouble fending off the flurry of punches and kicks, and was having even more trouble launching an attack of her own. Her strength seemed to be ebbing away.

          Wade knew it was just a matter of time now. She wouldn't be able to fight him much longer. Then, he could take his time with her. Savor his revenge. Once he was done, and his handiwork discovered, he'd race to Barbara's side, the ever-reliable boyfriend, to comfort her in her time of grief. He laughed aloud.


          "Huntress! Huntress, come in!" She could hear the sounds of battle as Huntress fought her adversary. But Huntress' breathing was becoming labored. She was tiring rapidly and that wasn't like her.

          "Dinah, come in!"

          "I'm here, Oracle. What's wrong?"

          "It's Huntress. I think she may be in trouble. Head toward the corner of Adams and Reede while I try to calculate her exact location."

          "On the way!" As Dinah raced toward the Hummer, a feeling of dread spread within her. She hadn't been doing this long. Hadn't even been in combat yet with a real criminal. If Huntress was having trouble with this guy, what was she going to do?

          Huntress tried to fight off the drug that Wade had shot her with, but she wasn't exactly successful. Meanwhile, Wade reached into his trench coat and drew out a knife, laughing.

          "Finally, I'll have my revenge on Gordon. A shame that I couldn't take it out on the Commissioner himself, but as they say, 'We can't always get what we want.'" He rushed toward Huntress. She blocked his thrust at her face, deflecting his it to the right and thrusting her knee into his kidney for good measure. He went down on one knee, then spun around, sweeping Huntress' legs out from under her. As she struggled to her feet and took a step toward him, Wade jammed the knife's blade deep into Huntress' midsection, then quickly backed away.


          Oracle worked at a feverish pace to track Huntress' comm unit, all the while listening to the battle. The man Huntress was fighting mentioned her father's name, but she barely registered the fact. It was Huntress' anguished cry that got her attention. Something had definitely gone wrong.


          "I'm almost there, Oracle."

          "The closest I can get to her location is an alley two buildings from
the corner of Adams and Madison

          "I'm there!" Dinah brought the Hummer to a screeching halt and jumped out of the vehicle.


          Wade beamed with satisfaction as he admired his handiwork. Huntress stood staring at him for just a moment, then looked down at the knife protruding from her stomach. She sank to her knees, a shocked look coming over her features.

          "Huntress!" Dinah had just rounded the corner of the alley as Huntress fell backwards to the ground. Dinah forced the yearning to run to her friend away as she turned toward the attacker, who was making his way toward the fallen Huntress. She gasped in shock as she recognized the man, then raised her hands in the battle stance that Huntress had shown her.

          "Get away from her!" she yelled, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt.

          Wade recognized the blonde instantly and marveled at his good fortune. Two for the price of one, he thought. He wondered if she, too, were a meta-human. No matter. She looked like she was going to put up a fight, and frankly, he was tired and wanted to finish this one quickly. He put up his hands in mock surrender and walked towards Dinah.

          Huntress watched from her prone position and realized what Wade was planning. She cursed silently as she realized she was helpless to stop him. She grasped the handle of the knife he'd impaled her with. Well, almost helpless, she thought.

          As Wade closed the distance between himself and Dinah, he shot out his left hand. "No!" Huntress screamed, as she yanked the knife from her midsection and hurled it at Wade it one smooth motion. Wade stumbled as the knife struck him in the center of his back, throwing off his aim. The dart swept past Dinah, missing her cheek by an inch as it buried itself in the brick wall behind her. An angry, frustrated groan escaped Wade's lips as he sank to the floor. Huntress had just enough time to see him fall before she lost consciousness.



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