Last Chance Harvey

Musical Score By:  Dickon Hinchliffe

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Last Chance Harvey stars Dustin Hoffman as Harvey Shine, a New York-based jingle writer who is on the verge of losing his job.  His boss warns him that he has one last chance to deliver and Harvey promises to do so upon returning from his daughter’s wedding.  He flies to London only to learn that his daughter selected her stepfather to walk her down the aisle.  Devastated, Harvey is determined not to let it show and enjoys himself at the wedding only to discover that he has missed his flight back to New York.  Upset at coming second to his daughter’s stepfather and losing his seemingly go-nowhere job, Harvey heads off to the airport bar where he meets Kate (Emma Thompson), an Office of National Statistics employee who has little in her life but her work, the occasional blind date and her smothering mother.  Despite her slightly prickly nature, Harvey finds himself attracted to Kate.  In letting go of all that he believed defined him, Harvey discovers a life worth living.

            The soundtrack of Last Chance Harvey consists primarily of music composed by Dickon Hinchliffe with a country western song performed by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and a pop love song by Sandrine.  Dickon Hinchliffe was one of the founding members of the UK band known as the Tindersticks.  While in the band, Hinchliffe played numerous instruments and provided much of the musical composition.  In addition to his work with the Tindersticks, which has produced six albums and two soundtracks, Hinchliffe has also composed musical score for films such as Forty Shades of Blue, Keeping Mum, Married Life and Cold Souls .

            The Last Chance Harvey Soundtrack definitely has a theme…a piano theme that is played throughout the musical score.  That being said, most of the tracks sound alike with minor differences.  The music is light and airy as love story music often is, but there is not enough variation to really pique the interest of the listener.  The biggest breaks in the soundtrack came in the form of the funky country western song I’m A Mean, Mean, Mean Son of a Gun and the pop song Where Do We Go.  While I felt that Where Do We Go seemed to fit with the movie genre, I still find myself scratching head at the country western track. 

            For the most part, Last Chance Harvey is a forgettable soundtrack that will probably collect quite a bit of dust on the store shelves.  It’s not a horrible soundtrack – just not very memorable.


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