Last Knights

Composed By: Martin Tillman and Satnam Ramgotra

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dramatic medieval film, Last Knights, Morgan Freeman is Bartok, an aging nobleman watching over his kingdom Clive Owen is Commander Raiden, leader of an elite band of soldiers who protect the kingdom.  Raiden is surprised when Bartok names him his heir, but none more than the evil minister of the empire, Geza Mott (Aksel Hennie), who takes great pleasure in humiliating Raiden and taking over.  Now the fallen warriors of the Bartok clan must rise against their corrupt, sadistic ruler and avenge their dishonored master.

                The musical score of Last Knights was created through the collaborative efforts of Martin Tillman and Satnam Ramgrota, two musicians whose works have been features in a number of Hans Zimmer’s scores, including The Dark Knight and Man of Steel.  Cellist Martin Tillman began collaborating with Zimmer on the score of The Fan and has since worked on a number of his scores.  As a composer, Tillman contributed to Ali and is a co-credited composer of the score for The Ring Two.  Satnam Ramgrota is a percussionist known for his work on Inception, Despicable Me, Angels & Demons and more.

                What I found interesting about this score for a medieval film was the electronic elements that accompanied the orchestral sound, enhancing the emotions and danger expressed in the music.  Ramgrota’s percussion influence is definitely recognizable in such tracks as Attack, Battle, Allies and more.  Tillman’s cello can be found in a number of tracks, including the more dramatic, somber tracks like Eviction and Journey.  There are a number of tracks in which the drama and possible loss are underscored by the haunting vocals of Belgian singer Natacha Atlas

                I rather enjoyed the mix of somber/emotion-driven tones and the dramatic percussion-driven battle sequences.  Thus far, I’ve listened to Last Knights and those battle scenes get me every time –adrenaline-filled inspirational tracks that add a very distinct flavor to this soundtrack.  The Last Knights Soundtrack is a very enjoyable listen and definitely one worth checking out.


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