The Last Quarrel: Episode Two

Written by: Duncan Lay

Published By: Momentum Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            After the cliffhanger ending of The Last Quarrel: Episode 1, I couldn't wait to read the next installment.  I needed to know what happened to Fallon as he tried to trap these mysterious individuals making off with whole families in the night.  I jumped on the opportunity to get my hands on The Last Quarrel: Episode 2.

When we last left Fallon, someone was coming up on his trap on the farm pretty fast, but it turned out to be his father-in-law with news.  Apparently, while Fallon and his men had hidden at this particular farm, another family had been taken from another part of town.  After several attempts at laying in wait for these villains, Fallon realizes that they seem to know his every move, avoiding his traps and going for the unprotected.  Could there be a traitor on his team?

Meanwhile, after the chase across the rooftops of Berry, Prince Cavan is even more convinced of his brother Swayne's involvement in the mysterious disappearance of several children in the Kingdom.  With Swayne's appearance changing daily, Cavan begins to wonder if Swayne has not gotten involved with users of blood magic.  With his father on Swayne's side, how can Cavan ever hope to prove Swayne's guilt and stop the disappearance of children?

As I read this second installment of The Last Quarrel, I found myself beginning to wonder about Prince Cavan's bodyguard Eamon.  After all, Eamon was the most belligerent when it came to allowing Fallon to aid them in their investigations.  He was the one most vehemently against having Fallon play a more important role as Captain of Cavan's guard.  And then there is the reaction of the only survivor of these mysterious attacks - the puppy who suddenly begins growling after coming in contact with Eamon, Cavan and the Duchess.  Could it be that Eamon has something to do with the disappearances...or contact with someone who is to blame?

I felt bad for Fallon who is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to decide whether to stay in his current role as Sergeant of Baltimore as his wife wants, or to move forward as Captain of Cavan's guard.  He has always wanted a higher position in which to prove his worth, but his family is important to him as well and his wife is vehemently against moving to Berry.  Turning the post down could mean never receiving another opportunity, but accepting it could ruin his marriage.

Thus far, The Last Quarrel has been quite a fun read.  Fast-paced and well-written, this is a mystery filled with interesting twists and turns and a bit of magic besides.  I love the cliffhanger style of each episode which reminded me of the cliffhangers I used to leave my fans dangling from when I wrote fan fiction.  I remember all of the complaints and nerve-wracked requests for me to hurry up and complete another chapter of my work.  Well, the same effect occurs here - I can't wait to read the next episode of The Last Quarrel and find out what happens next!


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