The Last Quarrel (The Complete Edition)

Written by: Duncan Lay

Published By: Momentum Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                After reading episodes 1 and 2 of The Last Quarrel by Duncan Lay, I was thrilled at the opportunity to read the series in its entirety.  I couldn't wait to find out how things would end...but I was wholly unprepared when I finally did reach that ending!

                For those who don't know, The Last Quarrel takes place during the times of kings and castles, demons and magic.  Something is very wrong in the Kingdom of Gaelland.  People have been disappearing...whole homes of people...and worst of all, children.  In the small fishing/farming town of Baltimore, Sgt. Fallon, trained soldier and protector of the town, is on scene to investigate when a ship slams into the docks.  The ship belongs to the Duke of Lunster and all aboard are missing.  Fallon and his friends are at a loss to explain how all aboard have just disappeared, but evidence points to evil doing by men.

                Traveling to Lunster with the news, Fallon is met with even stranger tidings.  Apparently the children from both Lunster and Berry are being spirited away as well.  People have begun blaming the disappearances on magical beings like selkies or blood magic practitioners such as witches.  All are suspect and none are safe. 

                Joining forces with Prince Cavan and the Duchess of Lunster, Fallon tries to turn the tables on the abductors, traveling the seas with an army of men aboard the Duke's ship in hopes of luring out the captors and bringing them to justice.  Unfortunately, the plan backfires and all of the women, children and men left behind in Baltimore are taken. 

                Prince Cavan believes that his brother Swane, a practitioner of blood magic, is to blame and all points to the idea that he may be correct.  But how will a group of villagers, a priestess, a wizard and a prince fare against a foreign army, Fearpriests and two men lusting for power above all costs?

                I was completely drawn into this tale by the first two episodes and couldn't wait to see if Fallon and his friends would triumph over evil.  The twists and turns of the story had me captivated and I was loathe to put The Last Quarrel down until I read the last page.  As the action and intrigue increased, so did the development of characters, offering readers glimpses into their behaviors and actions. 

                I thought I knew just what was going to happen when I reached the chapter, but I was incredibly wrong. That last few pages told me that I was way off base.  Duncan Lay has chosen to torture us by enacting one last twist and leaving the fate of the main characters of The Last Quarrel up in the air.    How could you do it, Mr. Lay?  How could you draw me in so completely and then not finish the tale?  How could you leave us hanging like this?  There is nothing for it but to create a sequel and I hope you do so quickly.  I need to know what is to happen to Fallon, Kerrin, Bridgit and the others!  I need to know if the king and the prince will meet their just fate!  I need to know!


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