Latah Nights

Artist: RevoltRevolt

Produced by: Spark & Shine

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The Boise, Idaho rock band RevoltRevolt was created in 2007 and featured Chris Bock, a veteran of the Boise rock scene as their front man.  Their debut album, Chordata, met with success after being released in 2009 by Spark & Shine.  Already heavily steeped in the touring scene, the band headed off on a 43-state tour with Built to Spill.  Unfortunately, after the Built to Spill Tour, RevoltRevolt began to undergo a few changes.  Chris Bock and bassist Ben Brunn soon found themselves the only original members of the band left.  Some bands would have crumbled, but RevoltRevolt lives on.  Adding Ben Wieland as drummer and guitarist Ralph Mugot, the band was back in business.  Their new album, Latah Nights was released August 21, 2012 by Spark & Shine. 

            RevoltRevolt's musical sound can best be described as hard-hitting garage rock.  You know the type - heavy on percussion and guitars with a lot of reverb and echo.  The music is great - I loved the guitars and the percussion.  My problem lies mainly with the lyrics, most of which are drown out by the music.  When you can understand portions of what is being sung, you've missed out on so much of the lyrics you don't understand what the songwriter is trying to say.

            So, while I can say that I did enjoy the music, I really can't comment on the meanings of the songs or the singing at all for that matter, drown out as it was on most of the tracks.   The only song I can truly comment on is Dangerous Place, a ballad of sorts in which the singer expounds on what seems to be a love story headed along a disastrous path.  I loved the reverb in this song and appreciated the way the song was sung with so much sadness and despair.  Other than that, if you enjoy hard-hitting rock music, you will like the sound of Latah Nights.  But if you are looking for some meaningful lyrics to go along with that music, you may have to look somewhere else.



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