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Lauren Hunt

Self-Titled Album

Website: www.laurenhuntmusic.com

Reviewed by Justine Manzano


     Lauren Hunt was born in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx and almost immediately jumped into the musical pool with both feet. Always drawn to music, she attended the renowned LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts-the school on which the movie “Fame” was based, and eventually found herself singing with Paul Simon at Carnegie Hall.  It’s been a wild ride for Lauren, now nineteen and playing the New York club circuit with her band which consists of Nick Afflito on lead guitar, Damien Peters on bass guitar, Mike Leondi on acoustic piano and organ, and Dave Heilman on drums.  But despite all the excitement, Hunt is doing great, having just released her first four track CD, which has found it’s way into my hands.

     The first song on the four track CD is “Who Am I?”, a mellow, soulful rock song that almost has a country style feel to it.  It is relaxed, but truthful, with lyrics like: “All the wishing, the planning, the faith, and imagining is behind me/Who am I when I must build my own reality?”   Lines like: “Instead of singing along, I’ll write my own song” remind me of the kind of things I write in my diary, but in the good way that they are truthful and meaningful, and not in the way that some artist do this, where the vibe is more whiny and self-loathing.

     The second track is “Running”, which was not as unique, the typical “We’ve come so far together” type love song.  The song is cliché, but something about Hunt’s gorgeous singing voice and her talented band keep you hooked all the way, and Hunt’s talent as a songwriter, having created lyrics like: “We’re running down this road of dreams at constant speed/I’ll run for you and when I get tired will you breathe for me”, make this song much better and more meaningful then some of the songs of this similar type that are thrown onto the airwaves.  The third track, “The Turning”, combines strong piano and drums and Hunt’s lilting vocals in a song about the changes that come with time.  The final song, “But I’m Alright” has an upbeat tempo which drives the hopeful feeling of this tune home. 

     Upon completing this CD, I found that with only four tracks, it was entirely too short.  Hunt has a great talent with lyrics and her voice, while not being exceptional by the digitally advanced means the world now deals with, is gorgeous and real, with a great range—a natural range.  Her backing band is also quite good.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from Lauren Hunt in the future.  I think she may have a good shot at being one of the more prominent musical acts in the world in due time. 

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