Left-Handed Toons

(By Right-Handed People)

Authors/Artists: Justin Boyd and Drew Mokris

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            While searching the web for something new to bring our readers, I stumbled on a webcomic created and illustrated mainly by Justin Boyd and Drew Mokris, with a few guest illustrators here and there.  Left-Handed Toons began in 2007 with an interesting concept - drawing cartoons with your less dominant hand - and it's still going strong today.

            From the moment I opened this website, I started laughing.  My first cartoon, Surveillance, illustrated by Drew Mokris, in which the Tootsie Pop eating owl is finally outted for the monster he really is.  The next strip I read was Questions, illustrated by Justin Drew, in which a man expounds upon some of the harsh realities of being a woman.  Once I started checking this site out, I was hooked, scanning from strip to strip and laughing at the age-old chicken and egg question tackled by a pancake vendor, the Angryfist, the solution to the Subway foot-long conundrum, restless leg syndrome, the sandwich-parachute switch, Spidey's graffiti, a trip to Cannibal Island, Comics for Bees, death by papercut and more.

            Sure, the artwork is not stellar, I mean, these folks are drawing with their less dominant hand, so you don't expect great art (though Drew definitely has some left-handed drawing talent).  But the writing is extremely clever and quite funny.  Sure, there are some comics that seem to fall short of the mark, but most of them will leave you laughing out loud.

            You can find Left-Handed Toons at http://www.lefthandedtoons.com on the web, check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lefthandedtoons and receive new comic alerts at their Twitter account at https://twitter.com/lefthandedtoons/.  I recommend using the random button for a truly fun journey into the world of Left-Handed Toons.  But be forewarned: checking this site out could lead to unrestrained laughter...visit wisely!


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