Composed By: Mark Kilian

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Legacy, Idris Elba is Malcolm Gray, a decorated anti-terrorist black-ops soldier who was captured and tortured after a botched mission to take out a Ukranian arms dealer.  Finding himself back home in Brooklyn and struggling to overcome the paranoia and anxiety brought about by the severe torture he endured during capture, Malcolm’s focus on the past and what went wrong on his final military mission is disrupted by only one thing - his brother’s presidential campaign.  Malcolm’s new mission is to expose the corruption in his brother’s political circle before the high-powered senator (Eamonn Walker) can rise to the position of President of the United States.

            The musical score of Legacy was created by South African composer Mark Kilian.  Beginning his musical career as a jazz pianist who performed with many local jazz and rock outfits and dabbling in musical theater, Mark Kilian began working in musical scoring for film in 1997.  Since then, Kilian has amassed quite an impressive résumé, having created celebrated musical scores for Tsotsi, La Mission, Before the Rains and more.

            The more I hear from Mark Kilian, the more I believe that this is a composer on the rise.  The musical score he has created for Legacy is as intense and nerve-rattling as is the main character’s journey to his self-proclaimed redemption.  The music is dark and jarring with periods of bow scraping and explosive percussion mixed with beautiful orchestral works.  Just when you think the character is working things out, you’re hit with an explosion of percussion and hyperactive violins mixed with disjointed electronic sound and reverb.

            The Legacy Soundtrack is an exploration into the mind of a physically and psychologically tortured soul.  The music perfectly expresses the pain and suffering of Malcolm as well as his determination to succeed in what may just be the final mission of his life.  Mark Kilian has definitely hit the mark with his musical composition for Legacy.


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