The LEGO Batman Movie

Musical Score By: Lorne Balfe

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Watertower Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I saw The LEGO Batman Movie in the theaters and had a lot of fun, not just with the animation, jokes and storyline, but with the music.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review The LEGO Batman Movie Soundtrack, I jumped on the opportunity.

                The LEGO Batman Movie Soundtrack features two discs full of music.  The first twelve tracks are songs by artists like Patrick Stump, DNCE, Cutting Crew, Harry Nilsson, Kristen Arian, Alesso featuring Tove Lo, Justin Tranter and more.  The next sixteen tracks are musical score created by award-winning composer Lorne Balfe.  Lorne Balfe first earned recognition for producing Hans Zimmerís Oscar-nominated scores, Sherlock Holmes and Inception  He went on to earn nominations for his own score for Crying with Laughter in 2009.  Since then, Balfe has created musical score for feature films, documentaries and video games, including Penguins of Madagascar, Home, Terminator Genisys, Ironclad, The Sweeney, Not Another Happy Ending, Restless, American Hero, Salinger, Assassinís Creed III, Skylanders: Giants, Beyond: Two Souls and more.

                The songs are remakes of old favorites like One, I Just Died in Your Arms and Man in the Mirror and new tracks like Forever, Heroes (We Could Be) and I Found You Who's the Batman by Patrick Stump is hilarious with its heavy metal sound, lyrics and Batmanís powerful guitar riffs.  I wasnít too happy with Harry Nilssonís version of One.  I had always been a fan of Three Dog Nightís version and this remake simply falls a bit short.  I love the cheerleader quality of Friends Are Family Ė it has that pop sound one would expect of a song in a movie of this genre, catchy lyrics and the hilarious Batman rap. 

                In addition to the fun songs, there is a terrific soundtrack by Lorne Balfe.  When you listen to the first tracks of score for The LEGO Batman Movie, like Black and Your Greatest Enemy, you never would guess that this music was created for a kidsí movie.  The adrenaline-pumping fast-paced action sound with heavy percussion and heroic horns with the Dark Knight theme mixed in makes you think of action films, not a film featuring LEGO characters.  In Your Greatest Enemy and other tracks featuring The Joker and Harley Quinn, Lorne Balfe mixes in a distinct laugh sound with the choir, reminding us just what the enemy is all about. 

Somber strings and choir speak to moments in which Batman misses his family and realizes that he has a great deal to lose by getting close to others.  There is a bit of playfulness here and there, especially in The Phantom Zone, with the sound of an organ playing that phantom-like theme and the phantom choir.  But, for the most part, Lorne Balfe treats this kidsí film as if it was a Blockbuster action feature with an adrenaline-packed score.

I loved The LEGO Batman Soundtrack just as much as I loved the movie and plan to add it proudly to my movie soundtrack collection.  Lorne Balfe seems to always know just what a film needs in the music department and the score he created for this film is spot on.  The songs are fun and catchy and I loved that the soundtrack features two CDs worth of music, making certain that fans get the entire experience without having to pay the price of buying the CDs separately.  Score! 


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