Video Game

LEGO Star Wars

Distributed by: Eidos Interactive and LucasArts Entertainment

Gaming Platform: Playstation 2

Rated: ĎEí for Everyone

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Ever since I received a Playstation 2 demo for LEGO Star Wars, I was hooked.  I started my LEGO Star Wars adventure with this demo and then skipped to LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.  Having completed this game, there was only one thing left to do to satisfy my LEGO Star Wars needs.  I simply had to buy the first LEGO Star Wars game to complete the saga.

            LEGO Star Wars begins with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard a Trade Federation ship as envoys from the Republic seeking a peaceful resolution for the dispute between the Federation and the people of Naboo.  Unfortunately, the Trade Federation are working for the Sith, and the Jedi are betrayed, leaving them no other choice than to fight their way off of the ship. 

            This is how the prequel trilogy begins, with you alternating play as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as you make your way through the ship, using your skills with a lightsaber and the Force to fight killer droids, collect LEGO nuggets that earn you points, build items out of LEGO bricks that will serve as tools to aid you in your quest and find special kits that you will use in future adventures.

            As you travel through the six chapters of the first trilogy, you will meet many other characters that you can play as such as Padmť, Anakin, Typho, Amidala, R2-D2, C-3P0, Jar Jar Binks and many more.  Once this section is complete, you can travel on to the second film in the series, Attack of the Clones, and upon completing that quest, itís on to Revenge of the Sith.  Each movie is divided into six chapters containing numerous adventures to complete before moving on to the next.  Each adventure is more challenging than the first.

            With each chapter completed, new characters are unlocked and added to your game.  The more points you receive, the more abilities and special items (hints, characters, gold bricks, etc.) you can purchase at the central hub, known as Dexterís Diner.  Along the way, you unlock humorous mini-movies parodying major events in the prequel trilogy.

            Once you have completed the prequel trilogy, there is a bonus board to get through, but just like everything else in this game, you have to find a way to unlock it.  This may mean that you will have to go back to previous chapters with different characters to unlock all of the surprises that main character canít reach.  For example, some of the kit pieces are set very high in the game boards.  Only special characters have super-jump capabilities.  Some of the special kits require a character with grappling hook capabilities.  Some require Force abilities.

            LEGO Star Wars has incredible replay value in that each time you enter the game with a different character, the whole face of the game has changed thanks to the varying abilities of each character.  The ability to unlock different things based on the characters you choose to return with is a plus.  Each time you return, itís a whole new game.

            I love LEGO Star Wars for numerous reasons.  First, Iím never tied into one character.  Second, this is a thinking playerís game - you canít just beat up and/or kill bad guys; you have to solve puzzles to get through the chapters as well.  Youíre always thinking, ďOkay, how do I reach that kit piece or how do I get across this body of water.Ē  This is a puzzle game as much as a fighting game.  Third, the tongue in cheek parodies are hilarious.  Fourth, I love returning to the game with new characters like Yoda, Palpatine, Kit Fisto, Jedi Anakin, Anakin as Vader and more.  In fact, I am still playing the game, trying out new characters in the hopes of unlocking new stuff.

            The adventures in LEGO Star Wars are complex, but not impossible, thus making this a game that everyone, from older Star Wars fanatics to younglings new to Star Wars, can enjoy.  Owning and enjoying both LEGO Star Wars I and II, I only have one more request of LucasArts - how about a LEGO Star Wars Clone Adventures video game for the PS2?  Please!!!


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