Lemonade Mouth

Songs by: Various Artists

Distributed by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on a book by Mark Peter Hughes, Lemonade Mouth is a new Disney Channel original movie that tells the story of five alienated high school students who meet in detention and realize they share a passion for music and a belief that their fellow students should stand up and be heard.  They decide to start a band called Lemonade Mouth and find themselves competing against the popular rock band Mudslide Crush in the Rising Star music competition at Mesa High.

            The film stars many Disney Channel regulars such as Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko and Naomi Scott.  The Lemonade Mouth Soundtrack features songs from the film performed by the characters and features a variety of genres, including hip-hop, dance, rock and pop, in each of the ten tracks.

            As soon as I popped this CD into the player, I knew what this film was all about - another sort of Camp Rock style movie with a battle of the bands.  However, despite the similarities, you could tell that this film wasn’t a complete duplicate of the Camp Rock films.  The band known as Lemonade Mouth offers up positive messages and encourages people to stand up and be heard.  This is not just a battle of the bands, but a battle to stand up for themselves.

            There is something about a Disney Channel movie soundtrack that makes you want to sing and dance no matter how old you may be.  This is basically a film targeted toward the younger generation and yet I found myself loving each track and singing along.  The album opens up with Turn Up the Music, a rocking track that describes exactly what the band known as Lemonade Mouth is all about: “All we have is now / Let’s make the most of this / Come on break it out / So everyone can hear it / They don’t have to understand / But we’ll make ‘em if we can / Do you hear me? / Are you with me?”  This is followed by a ballad in the style of Michelle Branch or Avril Lavigne called Somebody, performed by Bridgit Mendler.  I will be very surprised if I don’t begin to hear this song on mainstream radio very soon.  This is followed by the catchy pop/rock track And the Crowd Goes, performed by Chris Brochu and the band known as Mudslide Crush.

            Then we move on to a dance track called Determinate and the rock track Here We Go, both by Lemonade Mouth.  She’s So Gone, performed by Naomi Scott, is another rock song with an upbeat message for young women out there: “Insecure / In her skin / Like a puppet, a girl on a string / Broke away / Learned to fly / If you want her back, gotta let her shine / So, it looks like the joke’s on you / ‘Cuz the girl that you thought you knew / She’s so gone.”  The ballad, More Than A Band, is about the friendship, loyalty and support each member of Lemonade Mouth offers to one another.  This is followed by the rocking trash talk track of Don’t You Wish You Were Us, a message from Mudslide Crush to Lemonade Mouth.  The album rounds out with Breakthrough, a dance/rock track filled with positive messages and Livin’ on a High Wire.  Popping the Lemonade Mouth CD into your computer will allow you to access bonus content like the Somebody music video, a photo gallery and more.

            The Lemonade Mouth Soundtrack is a mixed genre album filled with positive messages that just so happens to be a whole lot of fun for the younger crowd it is aimed at and adults.  Thank goodness that adults enjoy the music on this album, because I guarantee that every kid who gets their hands on this soundtrack will be playing this album over and over and singing the songs repeatedly.  I’ll definitely be singing along with them.


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