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Was Lee Harvey Oswald's First JFK Attempt in Washington on October 1st, 1963?

by Paul Blake Smith, exclusively for G-POP.net

Did villainous Lee Harvey Oswald first travel to Washington D.C. to try to shoot President John F. Kennedy nearly two months before Dallas on 11/22/63?  This startling notion has been fleshed out in a new nonfiction book, one seriously proposing that various factual clues, including a leaked treasury report, reveal to us that in late September 1963, Oswald arrived in D.C. and was actually spoken to by a government employee at a well-known hotel, just two blocks from the White House!  The city was meanwhile readying that Friday the 27th for dashing chief executive John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) to ride in an open-car motorcade, one that would take it right past Oswald's hotel on Tuesday, October 1st.  That was the pre-selected target date and site for the American mafia and their paid pathetic patsy.  Tantalizing older clues; logical theorizing; more recently-released documents; and circumstantial evidence all point to this riveting conspiratorial conclusion within the pages of “JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot: The Explosive New Theory of Oswald in D.C.” from Argus Publishing.

Carlos Marcello (1910-1993) was once a ruthless, feared Louisiana mob boss; he checked into the Willard Hotel two days after John Kennedy was inaugurated, FBI reports show.  If in town, Carlos might well have watched JFK ride in his open limousine on nearby Pennsylvania Avenue.  From the upper Willard floors in January of '61 anyone could see that famous pavement, plus 14th Street to the east and even some of the White House and its South Lawn two blocks west, with no leaves on the snow-dusted, barren trees.  Marcello might well have come to Washington to meet with a member of the new administration, since nearly all famous politicians in those days had some sort of mafia financial support (Marcello donated heavily to Kennedy's opponents in the '60 campaigns).  However, something went horribly wrong in the godfather's relationship with JFK's youthful “New Frontier” team, which soon declared a noble “War on Organized Crime.”  They went after sleazy Carlos with great relish, led by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968) and his aggressive Justice Department.  In just over two months, roly-poly Marcello was roughly rounded up by RFK's federal agents and flown to steamy Guatemala, dumped in the jungle, and left to fight his way out.  Carlos was injured in the process, both his body and his pride, his reputation and psychological state.  Beyond furious, Carlos reportedly swore complete murderous revenge.

A critical key to the Marcello scheme to make JFK and RFK pay – through a gruesome public assassination - was to select in advance an appropriate city, to send their funded hit-team.  This important detail fell into place even before hapless Oswald joined the plot.  The initial mob-targeted location became the publicly announced grand state visit by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie (1892-1974).  He was coming to the District of Columbia on October 1st, and after a while a festive motorcade through Washington was added, the visit initially declared in a special White House press release on JFK's birthday back in late May.  There was no Texas trip or Dallas motorcade officially declared and detailed that whole summer.  Thus early on in theory, the syndicate thugs set their calendars and gunsights on Tuesday, 10/1/63, to fire on defenseless JFK in his convertible limo while the marksmen hid within and near the Willard Hotel. 

A few years ago, a December 1963 Secret Service/Treasury Department investigation report surfaced, revealing that irritant Lee Oswald conversed memorably with a trusted government employee outside the Willard.  This startling four-page typed dossier had to be kept buried as it revealed LHO's willingness to travel, to stalk, and to shoot JFK well before Dallas.  Lee had to have known that a parade was coming in four days' time, just a few yards away from where he stood, indicating Oswald had insider help.  LHO was so remarkably obstinate with a cabinet secretary's reliable chauffeur in front of others on that Friday mid-afternoon the street incident could not be forgotten or dismissed, but was soon shoveled over.

Let's stop and consider the very painstaking research of insightful authors Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, working towards their groundbreaking 2005 book “Ultimate Sacrifice.”  The laudable duo first discovered what other previous investigative efforts had already concluded, that mobster Marcello initiated and funded the JFK “hit,” partly to crush Bobby Kennedy, author of “The Enemy Within,” as he described the leech-like syndicate in his 1960 book.  Waldron and Hartmann learned of the icing on the cake: Marcello was secretly bugged by the FBI when in a Texarkana prison two decades later, bragging that he was the one who had Kennedy killed; that he even met Oswald that summer, in order to check him out as a suitable patsy; and that he also ordered Dallas asset Jack Ruby to eliminate LHO after tempestuous Lee turned up in custody. 

As shown in a past History Channel special program, authors Waldron and Hartmann learned even more, such as how the ongoing assassination conspiracy was recently thwarted in Tampa during a JFK motorcade there on November 18th, four days before Dallas.  It was all set to take place there near the towering Hotel Floridian, where the now-familiar long, blue Lincoln convertible limousine would make a slow, sharp on its pre-designated route.  After a plot leak that morning, alerted Tampa police and Secret Service reinforcements beefed up presidential protection, local news articles later revealed.  The Floridian was such a tall, imposing structure it would have been nearly impossible for lawmen to fully monitor for active threats – just like the historic and stately Willard in D.C.

Attempts to unearth Willard Hotel desk registration or records are pointless now; renovations in 1968 closed the place and all such paperwork was tossed out, along with most of the original décor. Thus the marvelously restored and majestic Willard Hotel today likely has no clues left behind.  Film clips of the 10/1/63 Kennedy-Selassie parade show the Willard sidewalks were packed with onlookers, in fact on both sides of 16th Street, the regal hotel and nearby buildings teeming with excited citizens clutching cameras; the watchful media; uniformed local policemen; plus security personnel, including the Secret Service and various branches of the military.  Anyone hoping to lean out a hotel window with a rifle would likely have been seen or even filmed (or photographed), or perhaps even shot at, ironically.  Assembled gunmen would have felt quite reasonably while scanning around that lunch-hour they had virtually no chance to escape, and thus chickened out and let the motorcade pass by uneventfully.  Another city would have to do, another public motorcade... but participating trigger-man Oswald was obviously directed to go to Dallas as he did so within two days of the failure to act in D.C.

There are too many stories debunking and destroying “Oswald in Mexico City” in late September of '63 to air here.  But to this day the American media continues to effortlessly spew the party line, the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald took a bus from New Orleans to Houston to Mexico City from September 25th thru the 27th and then stayed in Mexico's capitol until departing the morning of October 2nd.  And that two months later he alone shot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in downtown Dallas. It was wrong then, and it is more blatantly incorrect now.  Evidence that LHO was first after JFK in D.C. was a stick of lit dynamite that had to be snuffed out ASAP at all costs, for various reasons, by the very few in the know in '63/'64.  Branches of the U.S. government and especially the powerful mafia wanted no conspiracy discussion, thus zeroing in on L. H. Oswald as the single operative in Dealey Plaza.  And the rest, as they say all too often, was history.  One updated slightly by the final congressional hearing report in the 1970s, and somewhat exposed by dogged researchers and authors in the decades after that, but not completely understood until today.  Until this book.

{Paul Blake Smith is the author of four previous books, two fiction, two nonfiction.  “JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot: The Explosive New Theory of Oswald in D.C.” is his first full-length book on the Kennedy assassination, after a special chapter on the topic in his second book, “3 Presidents, 2 Accidents.”  He currently resides in Missouri, readying a book on the mysterious death of JFK's lover, Marilyn Monroe.}


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