The Librarians

Composed By: Joseph LoDuca

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Librarians is a fantasy/adventure series that took flight on TNT after the success of three Librarian telefilms that aired on TNT over the past several years.  The original librarian was Flynn Carsen (Noah Wylie) who discovers his role as guardian of The Library in the films.  In the television series, Flynn creates a team of Librarians (Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim) who solve mysteries, recover artifacts and fight supernatural threats.

            The musical score of The Librarians was created by American composer Joseph LoDuca, whose youth in Detroit brought about a love for music, specifically rock and jazz.  After moving to New York, LoDuca studied guitar and musical composition.  Scoring credits include includes the Evil Dead trilogy, Spartacus , Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The Legend of the Seeker, Xena: Warrior Princess and Burying the Ex.

            The Librarians theme features heroic horns, strings, drum rolls, crashing cymbals and more, all performed at a fast tempo, offering up the idea of action and adventure.  The music is aided by a choir to add drama and an epic feel.  The rest of the soundtrack features a mix of mystery and adventure, action and danger, with the addition of some comedic cues to lighten the mood.  There are two songs on The Librarians Soundtrack - Star Light, Star Bright and Little Girls.  Though the songs seem somewhat out of place when listened to along with the rest of the soundtrack, I have no doubt that they have special meaning within the episodes of the series.

            The Librarians Soundtrack presents an interesting and often action-packed listen.  LoDuca's score mixes just the right amounts of fast-paced music, drama and a mysterious age for the show, representing its adventure style, mixed with fantasy and action.  Fans of the series as well as fans of musical score in general will definitely find the soundtrack a worthwhile listen.


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