Life of the Party

Songs By: Various Artists

Composed By: Fil Eisler

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


               In the comedy Life of the Party, Melissa McCarthy is Deanna Miles, a dedicated housewife who finds herself suddenly dumped by her husband for another woman on the day they drop off their daughter, Maddie (Molly Gordon), for her senior year of college.  Deanna decides to turn years of regret into something positive by going back to college…in the same school as her daughter…taking the same classes…you can imagine how this might make Maddie feel.  Top it off with the fact that Deanna plunges headfirst into college life and the freedom, fun and frat boys associated with it.  Now dubbed Dee Rock, Deanna sets off on an adventure to find her true self, but will everyone be happy with the outcome?

               The Life of the Party Soundtrack features songs by various artists such as Cyndi Lauper, The Sugarhill Gang, Meghan Trainor, Evie Sands and more, and musical score by award-winning composer Fil Eisler.  Czech-born and English raised, Fil Eisler is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who just happens to be one of the busiest and most diverse composers in the business.  Some of his works include the scores of Proud Mary, The Titan, How to Be Single, Empire, UnReal, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Shameless, Revenge, To the Bone, CHIPS, and Dietland.

               The score of Life of the Party features guitars, hand claps and some strings.  It is mostly upbeat with some sadness here and there as Deanna goes through the ups and downs of her life as a divorcee and her attempt at being cool in school.  The score represents a more down to earth part of Deanna, whereas the songs are meant to show Deanna’s party style.  Some take you way back, like Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and Apache (Jump on It) by The Sugarhill Gang, but all of the songs are meant to be exhilarating and fun.

               In fact, that’s what I would call the Life of the Party Soundtrack – exhilarating fun.  The score is upbeat and enjoyable and the way the powers that be mixed in the various songs offered up just enough separation of score and song to make the soundtrack highly enjoyable.  I loved the Life of the Party Soundtrack and would recommend it to any girl who just wants to have fun.


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