Little Birds

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Little Birds, Kay Panabaker is Alison, a young girl living in the decaying town of Salton Sea.  Once an oasis for the rich and famous, Salton Sea has become a ghost town, it's inhabitants struggling to survive, or in Alison's best friend Lily's (Juno Temple) case, break free.  She sees her opportunity when she meets a band of street kids and falls in love with one of them.  Lily convinces Alison to run off with them to Los Angeles chasing dreams of excitement and freedom.  Unfortunately, their life in L.A. is fraught with danger, deception and violence.  Alison wants to go back home, but Lily is not so sure.  How far will Lily be willing to go in her fight for independence and how long will Alison be willing to go to protect her?

            The Little Birds Soundtrack features music by various artists, including Elgin James & The Suicide Gang, Tift Merritt, Linée, Odetta and Larry, Big Star, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Chad Gilbert.  The music of Little Birds is rock with an alternative and indie flare.  The music begins on a hopeful note, songs and lyrics representing the happiness of love and adventure, but as things begin spiraling out of control for Alison and Lily, the songs take on a darker feel.

            The entire twelve-track album expresses the emotional turmoil of the girls and their journey, but none more so than the last track, Little Birds by Tift Merritt.  A haunting acoustic track, the lyrics of Little Birds are somewhat a metaphor for youth and how it flies away all to fast.  I think the track is a fitting ending for this album, speaking to the lost youth and innocence of Alison and Lily.

            The Little Birds Soundtrack is a mix of song lyrics and instrumental music that perfectly expresses the emotion of the movie.  It also makes for a great stand alone album for any fan of alternative/indie rock. 


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