The Little Wizard

Composed By: Marc Timón Barceló and Miguel Cordeiro

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the novel Bieito Dubidoso by Roque Cameselle, The Little Wizard is a 2D animated Spanish film that tells the story of Bieto Dubidoso, a quiet young man with extraordinary conjuring powers.  Set in Europe, during the Medieval times, the boy suffers the persecution of the town's Lord who accuses him of witchcraft.  Running away with his friend Destreza, the two embark on a fantastic adventure.

                The musical score of The Little Wizard was created by composers Marc Timón Barceló and Miguel Cordeiro.  Spanish composer Marc Timón Barceló displayed a talent for music and the written world at an early age and pursued a degree in both subjects.  Studying journalism and musical composition, Barceló's interests began leaning towards music as he studied classical and jazz piano.  Eventually, Barceló would begin composing works for movies, video games, concerts and more.  Portuguese composer Miguel Cordeiro also studied music, graduating with an MA in Film Scoring and Music for Audiovisual Media in 2011.  Since then he has concentrated on composing for film and concert.

                The Little Wizard Soundtrack is orchestral featuring brass, woodwinds and strings with some added choral performances for effect .  The music is light, quirky and fast-paced, perfect for the animated action/adventure genre of the film.  The tracks are alternatingly composed by Marc Timón Barceló and Miguel Cordeiro, Barceló's tracks being a bit grander in scale than Codeiro's.

                The score for The Little Wizard represents an excellent collaboration between two up and coming composers and I have no doubt that it serves as great background music for the movie.  That being said, I question whether there will be any interest in buying the soundtrack of the film.  It's a nice soundtrack, but not one I'd jump through hoops to get my hands on.


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