London Music Works Performs Music from the Muppets

Performed By: London Music Works

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I grew up watching Sesame Street and, later, The Muppet Show, and I saw most of the Muppet movies.  So when I was offered the opportunity to review London Music Works Perform Music from the Muppets, I was excited.  I just hoped they didn't ruin the nostalgic trip for me by adding their own spin on my favorite Muppet tunes.

                The album begins with that iconic Theme from the Muppet Show.  I couldn't stop myself from singing along and smiled as I pictured each character performing their part.  Then there was Manha Manha, a fun song that I used to sing with coworkers my age when things got boring at work.  Sax and Violence is a groovy instrumental featuring members of the Muppets band.  And this is followed by Kermit the Frog's iconic song It's Not Easy Being Green.  This was a fun trip down memory lane as I watched The Muppet Show faithfully every time it was on (and that means even when they were syndicated). 

                The Rainbow Connection is another solo by Kermit performed in The Muppet Movie, a film I saw in the theaters when I was a kid.  I love the beautiful lyrics in this song and always sing along when I hear it.  Of course, I'm not sure anyone else around is fond of me singing it in my Kermit the Frog voice, but to each their own.  Next up is another one of my favorite Muppet songs, I'm Gonna Always Love You from The Muppets Take Manhattan.  It was during this scene in the movie in which the concept of Muppet Babies came to life and I've always loved singing along with Baby Miss Piggy as she explains what she wants to be when she grows up and how she will always love her Kermie.

                Next up are songs from the more recent Muppet films.  One More Sleep 'til Christmas, from The Muppet Christmas Carol. is a sweet song in which the Muppets happily look forward to that one more sleep on Christmas Eve and the expectation of great things to come when they open their eyes on Christmas morning.  Life's A Happy Song, Me Party and Man or Muppet are all from The Muppets, a recent movie starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams and other humans alongside the Muppets.  My favorite is the upbeat Life's A Happy Song, though I do love the Me Party.  Though the Man or Muppet song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2011, I have to say I really didn't enjoy this track much.

                From Muppets Most Wanted, we get We're Doing A Sequel, I'm Number One and The Big House.  My favorite of these three tracks is We're Doing A Sequel in which the Muppet cast pokes fun at film sequels that have come before it.  The album rounds out with a fun instrumental called Ppcrn from a viral 2010 Muppets video featuring The Swedish Chef.  And of course, the last track is an instrumental version of the Theme from the Muppet Show, bringing us full circle.

                I loved this album.  London Music Works Perform Music from the Muppets is a great album.  I enjoyed singing along with songs I grew up with as a kid and being entertained by the songs I missed in some of the newer films.  This would make a terrific gift for any adult fan of the Muppets and just a whole lot of fun for any kid out there still enjoying the Muppet experience.


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