In Search of Lost Dragons

Written by: Elian Black'Mor and Carine M

Published By: Diamond Book Distributors

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When I saw the cover of In Search of Lost Dragons, I was immediately drawn in.  The artwork gave promise to even more elaborate artwork to be found inside.  I couldn't wait to check the book out.  Originally entitled Sur La Piste Des Dragons Oublies, this is the first time this French art book by Elian Black'Mor and Carine M has been adapted to English.

                Opening to the first page of In Search of Lost Dragons, we discover that we are peering into the journal of a reporter and illustrator who has made a great discovery.  Believing he has seen the outline of the mythical beast known as a dragon, this reporter, illustrator and adventurer sets off on a remarkable journey around the world in search of the truth of what he has seen.  He uncovers quite a bit of information about dragons in all of their varieties and photographs or paints every single beast he comes across in his travels.  He also provides diagrams and sketches of various items he has discovered along the way and representations of maps, marking off his journey on each one to illustrate all of the places he has visited.

                The storyline of In Search of Lost Dragons is fantastical at best, but I loved what the creators did in an effort to make the book seem as if it were a real journal.  I enjoyed the handwritten pages and loved it when the "author" crossed out mistakes, lending some authenticity to the idea that this is an actual journal and that the author is correcting his writings so he can accurately get his thoughts across.

                I greatly enjoyed the sense of adventure of the story and most especially enjoyed the detailed artwork throughout the book.  The photos, sketches and paintings of dragons were incredible.  I found the full-page dragon spreads to be especially beautiful and awe-inspiring.  Unfortunately, I was later to learn that the copy I was reviewing, being a digital copy, would not contain everything that was present in the hardcover book.  Thus, I missed out on some of the foldout pages that probably contained even more detailed artwork and leant more authenticity to the idea of an adventurer's journal.

                Priced at $34.99US, In Search of Lost Dragons represents every dragon lover's dream.  A hardcover book featuring amazingly beautiful and colorful art - every dragon ever spoken of in any country's lore represented in great detail in all of its glorious splendor - what a find.  This book would be well-worth the price for any fan of dragons.        


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