The Lost Empire

Musical Score By: John Altman

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Lost Empire style=, also known as The Monkey King, is a television miniseries that was produced by NBC style= and the SciFi Channel style= in 2001.  The miniseries starred Thomas Gibson style= as Nicholas Orton, an American businessman living in China style= who discovers a portal to the ancient Chinese underworld.  A contemporary take on Journey to the West style= by Wu Cheng'en style=, the miniseries also starred Bai Ling style=, Russell Wong style=, Eddie Marsan style= and Randall Duk Kim style=.

            The musical score of The Lost Empire was created by English composer, conductor and orchestrator John Altman style=.  Introduced to music at an early age by bandleading uncles Woolf style= and Sid Phillips style=, John Altman's only formal musical training consisted of piano lessons as a child.  He began performing music sessions and eventually touring with such notable musicians as Fleetwood Mac style=, Jimi Hendrix style=, Bob Marley style=, Eric Clapton style=, Phil Collins style=, Little Richard style= and Van Morrison style=.  Altman began his foray into film composing in the early 80s and has since composed musical score for movies and television.  Some of his works include the musical score for RKO 281 style=, Shall We Dance style=, The Queen's Sister style=, The Reagans style= and On Thin Ice style=.

            The Lost Empire Soundtrack style= is quite an interesting listen that often reminds me of old karate flicks style=.  Featuring typical orchestral fare mixed with traditional Eastern woodwinds and strings, the score strives to place the listener in the film's locale.  The music sometimes takes on an action film feel, with horn fanfare, strings and heavy percussion setting the tone. 

            Given the premise of the film, the music seems to fit the mode, but I believe I found the musical score enjoyable chiefly for the use of traditional Eastern instruments.  I'm a sucker for an exotic sounding soundtrack and would recommend it just on those merits alone.


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