Lost for Words

Musical Score By: Andre Matthias

Distributed by: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Lost for Words, ex-Marine, now IT specialist Michael Vance (Sean Faris) meets Beijing Dance Academy dancer Anna Zhou (Grace Huang) in Hong Kong.  Neither is looking for a relationship - Michael has just suffered a hard breakup and Anna has taken a vow of chastity to concentrate on her ballet dancing.  A platonic relationship in which the two teach each other their native languages icon and travel around Hong Kong, admiring the city, turns into something much more.  But can their love survive the various obstacles that threaten to tear that love apart?

                The musical score of Lost for Words was created by German composer Andre Matthias, an avid fan of music since the age of twelve.  Matthias took private lessons in piano and composition before studying Musicology at the University at Hamburg.  After graduating with a Master's Degree, Matthias began scoring for a number of student films and an occasional feature film.  In 2007, he finally broke onto the big screen with his score for The Drummer.  Since then, he has created musical scores for The Light Thief, Four Assassins and Control.

                The Lost for Words Soundtrack would be another one of those albums I would listen to without reading the promotional material.  I noted a definite exotic sound right away, a sound I found to be reminiscent of the Orient.  Had I read the promotional material, I would have known right away that the score of the film, set in Hong Kong, would have that Eastern flavor.  According to Matthias, "In recent years, film music with actual melodic themes has become quite rare, so the opportunity to write a traditional romantic score with an Eastern touch was wonderful."

                Guitar and violin solos intertwine beautifully...sweetly...perhaps representing the two different worlds of the ex-Marine (guitars) and the dancer (violins) coming together.  The Lost for Words Soundtrack begins on a optimistic note with the uplifting track A New City, but things become increasingly sad as the album moves forward.  It all ends on a brighter note with Forget the Words Follow Your Heart, featuring some of that uplifting, optimistic undertone from the first track mixed in. 

                The musical score of Lost for Words is incredibly beautiful to listen to.  Even when the music becomes somewhat sad, there is still that beauty in the composition.  I've no doubt that the score is the perfect accompaniment to the visuals and emotions of the film, but as a stand alone album, the Lost for Words Soundtrack is a beautiful listen all by itself.


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