First Impressions

Lost Girl

Aired on: Syfy

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            On January 17, 2012, Lost Girl premiered on the Syfy Channel.  Having just completed a successful second season on the Canadian Showcase Television network, Syfy Channel has decided to air the show in the United States.  After having seen the promos for the show, I decided to check it out.

            Lost Girl stars Anna Silk as Bo, a loner who spends her time drifting from town to town.  People have a way of ending up dead around her and Bo can never stay in one place too long.  That is, until she meets Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), a street-smart scam artist whose penchant for getting herself in trouble catches up with her one day at a local bar.  Looking to pick a markís pocket, Kenzi accepts a drink from him, never suspecting the drugs he has concealed inside.  Bo saves Kenzi from certain doom, but her methods are shocking: she simply sucks the life force out of they guy and carries Kenzi to the safety of her apartment.

            Once Kenzi discovers her benefactorís powers, she proposes a partnership, but Bo is eager to get on her way to another town.  Unfortunately, the smiling husk of a man she has left behind has captured the interest of the local policeÖand some other individuals.  As Bo soon learns, she is a succubus, feeding off of the life force of others and capable of seducing them to get what she wants.  There are others like her with a variety of capabilities.  Known as Fae, these individuals blend into the human world, but are something other than human.  There are shifters, sirens and more and they are divided between the Light and the Dark. 

            The Fae want Bo to chose sides, but Bo never has been one to follow the rules.  She decides to become a defender of humans after Kenzi risks her own life to save hers.  The two decide to create their own detective agency taking cases that involve humans and Fae and finding themselves in some rather mind-blowing situations.

            Iíve watched two episodes of Lost Girl and I can definitely see the attraction.  The show has a Buffy and Angel meet Supernatural flare.  Fans of these shows get a taste of the Supernatural in various demons, succubae, vampires and more in an action/suspense setting.  There is also an undercurrent of erotica that is quite hard to ignore.  This show is definitely meant for adults with its sexual situations and suggestive dialogue.  The suspense is intense and therefore, there are comedic moments to keep the show from getting too dark.

            All-in-all, I found Lost Girl to be quite interesting, with characters that you find yourself wanting to learn more about and a storyline that contains a great deal of possibilities.  Being that it is a huge success in Canada and judging from the two episodes I have watched, I canít imagine Lost Girl to be anything but a success in the United States.  I, for one, will be parked in front of the television on Mondays at 10pm to watch the Syfy Channelís next episode of Lost Girl.


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