Lost Place

Music Composed By: Adrian Sieber

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the 3-D German mystery thriller Lost Place, four teenagers on a GPS treasure hunt in the Palatinate Forest come across a seemingly abandoned military radio tower station.  In its heyday, it was a part of a secret military program in which electromagnetic wave experimentation was conducted with horrifying effects.  The teens begin to explore the area, but the longer they stay, the stranger things get...stranger and more dangerous.

                The Lost Place Soundtrack features songs by various artists and a musical score by German composer Adrian Sieber, who began his foray into music by studying jazz and classical guitar Richard Strauss Konservatorium Munich, Germany.  From there, he moved on to study composition at the University of Music, eventually graduating with a Master Class Diploma in 2009.  In addition to writing chamber music and music for operas, he has also created musical scores for a number of movie shorts, documentaries and feature films.

                The musical score of Lost Place, performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, is designed to keep the listener on edge.  It's basically a horror movie score with the usual dark and foreboding sound interrupted by dramatic flares like screeching strings and the like.  The real entertainment comes from the songs on the Lost Place album.  I had listened to German metal before, but never German rap and found it quite entertaining.  I especially enjoyed the sound of Unzer Platz by Prinz Pi and Jeden Tag Wochenende by Sido, featuring Bass Sultan Hengzt.

                The musical score and songs found on the Lost Place Soundtrack perfectly represent the film.  The music is representative of the ominous mystery surrounding the military camp the teens have come across and the songs represent their youth.  In my opinion, the most interesting parts of the Lost Place Soundtrack are the songs at the end, but at $7.99US for the mp3 version of the album, it's well worth listening to the entire album.


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