I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little

Artist: Gladys Hardy

Produced by:

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            It all began when Gladys Hardy, an 88-year-old grandmother, called a local AM radio station in Austin, Texas and got the FM rock station by mistake.  Dale Dudley of The Dudley and Bob Show on KLBJ in Austin, Texas loved Gladys so much, he asked her to call in regularly with radio commentaries.  The Hardy family got Gladys to call The Ellen DeGeneres Show and leave a message on the answering machine offering advice to Ellen – “move that spiky plant behind your head…it makes ya look like Alfalfa!”  Not only did Ellen move the plant, but she called Gladys at home to thank her for her sage advice.  But Ellen was totally unprepared for what Gladys would say in the conversation – “I’ll be honest with ya.  I love Jesus but I drink a little.”  This sent the comedian off into peels of laughter.  Since then, both Ellen and KLBJ have invited Gladys back for more commentaries, advice, movie reviews, and more.  She even gets fan mail from both shows.

            I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little is a collection of commentaries, discussions, phone calls and more featuring the wisdom of Granny Gladys Hardy.  The collection even includes the phone call that made Gladys a regular part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  When I first received word of this CD, I couldn’t wait to receive it.  I, too, have known some feisty elderly women and have shared a laugh or two with them.  The fact that this woman tickled the funny bone of Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian whose work I have come to respect immensely, told me that I was going to get more than a couple of laughs from this CD.  I had no idea that I would be laughing throughout the entire 24 tracks.

            Gladys’ commentaries about the new generation’s clothing styles, Jesus fish, chat room buddies, health food stores and more are just about the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  And I’m not laughing because Gladys is having a senior moment and doing something so bizarre that it seems funny to me.  No, I’m laughing because this woman is downright funny.  She should have been a stand-up comic!  The moments with family are funny as well, because Gladys is that feisty grandmother that we all know and love.  Her antics mirror that of all of our grandmas and we can definitely appreciate the spunkiness and downright adorable moments Gladys shares with her family. 

            Perhaps the funniest moments are the phone calls with customer service agencies.  When Gladys calls the airlines, we sympathize with her plight as she talks to the automated operator and tries to make it understand her Texan accent.  We laugh when we listen as Gladys finally gets a real operator and proceeds to tell her all of the woes she has experienced with the automated operator, then begins to tell the operator all sorts of personal information.  I used to work in customer service and I remember calls just like the ones on this tape.  If you worked in customer service, you know the calls I am talking about – an elderly woman calls you to ask a question, and suddenly you find yourself listening to the story of her life.  Sometimes those calls can be annoying, but Gladys’ spunk and comedic expression serves to cause these customer service representatives to adore her.

            I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little is a hilarious CD from the first track to the last.  But there is more to gain here than just laughter.  With each CD sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Austin Meals on Wheels Program and the Austin Zoo.  So, when you buy this CD – and believe me, you will definitely want to buy it – you’ll not only be helping yourself by adding a bit of humor to your life, but you’ll be helping to build up these two very important charitable programs in Austin, Texas.  So go out and get your copy of I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little by Gladys Hardy – you won’t be disappointed!


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