Loveless: Hurts to Love

Artist: Kenny Feinstein

Produced by: Fluff & Gravy Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            In September 2013, Kenny Feinstein, front man of the bluegrass meets punk band the Water Tower Bucket Boys, released his first solo album on Fluff & Gravy Records.  The album, Loveless: Hurts to Love, is a tribute to the Irish alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine and features all eleven tracks from their Loveless album.  But this album is not just a tribute to the rock band, itís a whole different reality.

            Sure, the lyrics are the same, but Feinstein takes the music in a whole new direction.  My Bloody Valentine was about hard hitting percussion and jarring electric guitar riffs while Feinstein is more artistic in his vision of their songs, performing them on acoustic guitars among other instruments.  The music is unique in style and quite enjoyable to listen to. 

            In fact, the music is what makes this album. Thatís because the singing is so incredibly off and you find yourself wanting to pay less attention to the punkish folk sound of Kenny Feinstein and his various assistants and more to the musical stylings of the bunch.  I canít say that I was ever a real fan of My Bloody Valentineís singing either, so I suppose the tribute may in fact be spot on.

            Perhaps the songs on this album just arenít my style, but I know good music when I hear it.  Loveless: Hurts to Love contains good musicÖjust some really bad singing.  Definitely one I would pass up in the record store.


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