Aired on: FOX

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                When the fantasy police procedural drama called Lucifer first aired on FOX in 2016, I pretty much ignored it.  Featuring a character that appeared in the comic book series The Sandman and later in his own Vertigo Comics series, Lucifer appeared every Monday night after Gotham, but for some reason, I didn’t watch it until later in the year…then I became hooked.

                The series stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar…yes, THE Lucifer, fallen angel, immortal, ability to discover people’s hidden desires and all that.  Bored and unhappy in his role as Lord of Hell, Lucifer abdicates his throne and heads for Los Angeles where he starts a new life as the owner of a nightclub named Lux.  It is here that he meets Chloe Decker (Lauren German), an LAPD Homicide Detective attempting to solve the murder of a pop star that takes place right in front of Lucifer.  Meanwhile, his brother, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), hounds him for their father, trying to persuade him to return to Hell.

                Becoming a consultant for the LAPD, Lucifer and Chloe begin to work together on a regular basis and it isn’t long before Lucifer begins to feel something more than a working partnership between himself and the detective.  Soon after this realization comes another – Lucifer is now exhibiting mortal tendencies around Chloe, such as the ability to bleed and feel pain.  He turns to a therapist Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) for help with his identity issues.  After all, this is the Lord of Hell and yet, he enjoys catching criminals…doing good for no real payback.  This is highly unusual.

                At first, as Lucifer tells Dr. Martin about his dysfunctional family, his issues with his overbearing father, his do-good brother and his exiled mother Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), she believes he is using religious metaphors to describe himself and his family.  But by the second season of the series, Lucifer reveals himself as the Devil and she realizes just what she has gotten herself into.  By the third season, a new character enters the picture – Lt. Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) also known as Cain, killer of Abel.  As its first murderer, he has been cursed to wander the earth forever, but he may have discovered a way to get rid of that curse – Chloe.

                Now, why is this show my guilty pleasure?  Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love Lucifer!  Tom Ellis’ portrayal of the fallen angel who gives people their hearts’ desires for a price is sexy one minute, darkly humorous the next.  His character often misinterprets his therapist’s advice…the fact that the Lord of Hell has a therapist is, in itself, hilarious.  I root for Lucifer, because the series reminds us that he’s a fallen angel, that there is still that bit of angel inside allowing him to feel compassion and love for others.  I love the chemistry between Tom and Lauren – the writers give them some great dialogue and their acting makes their roles entirely believable.  I root for those two to get together on the screen every episode. 

                Tricia Helfer is awesome as Charlotte Richards, the exiled wife of God who starts off seeking revenge against her husband for sending her to Hell, but eventually tries to become a better person.  There is still a bit of wickedness in there, but there is also a fierce love for her sons that can’t be denied.  Even when Charlotte makes mistakes, you can’t help but love her.  D.B. Woodside’s portrayal as Amenadiel is also terrific – here’s this powerful, attractive looking man who finds himself questioning his very existence and, eventually, his father’s orders as events on earth begin to affect him.  Rachel Harris is the perfect choice for Dr. Linda Martin, looking somewhat square-ish and professional, we get to see the other side of what looks to be a goodie-two-shoes.  Her reaction to the reality of Lucifer is quite hilarious.  Other fun characters include Chloe’s goofy ex-husband and LAPD Homicide Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro); Mazikeen, or Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), the demon and head torturer who followed Lucifer from Hell to LA.; Trixie Espinoza (Scarlett Estevez), Chloe and Dan’s daughter; and Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), an exuberant forensic scientist for the LAPD.

                The storyline is fun, the cases engaging and unique, thanks to the Devil twists, the characters enjoyable, the writing at times dramatic and at times tongue-in-cheek humorous…and sometimes full of downright raunchy humor.  Lucifer is a great distraction from a rough day at the office.  It’s sexy, it’s fun and the viewer becomes engrossed and invested in each character’s outcome – Will Lucifer, Amenadiel and Charlotte ever get to go home?  Will Lucifer get the girl?  Will Maze find fulfillment in her new career choice?  Will Cain come between Lucifer and Chloe?  I have to know the answers and that’s why I sit in front of the television every Monday night at 8pm EST to watch my weekly dose of Lucifer on FOX.


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