All My Rainy Days

Artist: Lucky Day

Produced by: Lucky Day

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Hailing from Washington D.C., Lucky Day is a female-fronted band with a sound reminiscent of Sixpence, Vanessa Carlton and Lisa LoebAll My Rainy Days features original band members Victoria Patchen on vocals, Brian Huber on guitars, and Adam Gierisch on bass (drummer Dave Ray joined the band after the EP was recorded.  All My Rainy Days also features the talents of Daniel Clarke on keyboards and Brian Jones on drums.  The album was mastered by Fred Kevorkian of White Stripes and Dave Matthews fame and features 6 songs.

            Listening to this album, one will find that the music sounds very familiar.  The listener will rack his/her mind certain that they have heard these songs before on some television show such as The O.C., The Gilmore Girls, or Dawson’s Creek.  In fact, the band Lucky Day is fairly new, having come on the scene in the summer of 2005.  However new the band is, the sound is very similar to that of bands finding their ways on mainstream television shows.  The music would definitely find popularity among the teenage to thirty-year-old age group. 

            Victoria Patchen seems familiar in her role of the lead singer of Lucky Day.  Her performance on All My Rainy Days is that of a professional, not of someone who was just coming on the music scene.  The music supplied by Huber, Gierisch, Jones and Clarke induces some serious head-bopping.  Most especially notable are the guitar riffs and drum beats.  The lyrics of each song, written by guitarist Brian Huber, are catchy and well thought out. 

            Stand outs on the album include the powerful, Nikita.  The keyboards on this track combined with the ethereal voice of Patchen give the song a haunting quality.  Time Will Only Know is enjoyable as a bouncy, guitar and drum driven dedication to a friend/lover who has moved on in life: “I wrote this song to take with you / Just my way to say thank you / For all the times you made me laugh / Hope some day you’ll cross my path / Tell me will we ever meet again / Time will only know.”

            Although the band has just begun to catch the eye of folks in the music business, it shouldn’t be too long before they become a popular mainstay.  They have the look and the sound.  All they need are the breaks that will launch them as one of the most popular bands ever to hit the airwaves.


Listen to Lucky Day music at http://www.luckydayband.com/ or at www.myspace.com/luckydayband.

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