Lysistrata Jones

Music and Lyrics By: Lewis Flinn

Book By: Douglas Carter Beane

Distributed by: Broadway Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on the comedy Lysistrata, by Greek playwright Aristophanes, Lysistrata Jones is a musical comedy that enjoyed a critically acclaimed Off-Broadway run prior to making its debut on Broadway in December 2011.  The musical is considered a Broadway hit and has garnered a couple of award nominations.  On May 15, 2012, Broadway Records released the original cast recording of Lysistrata Jones.

            In the original play, Lysistrata lead the women of Athens into a rebellion of sorts against their men in an effort to change their fate.  She and her fellow Athenian women vowed to withhold sexual favors from their husbands until the end of the Peloponnesian Wars.  In the musical, Lysistrata Jones (Patti Murrin) is a new transfer student to Athens University, a school whose basketball team hasnít won a game in 33 years.  After reading the Spark Notes of the Aristophanes play and tired of the losing streak that the members of the basketball team and the school have come to accept, Lysistrata devises a plan.  She and the other basketball team membersí girlfriends decide to withhold sexual favors from their boyfriends until they win a game.  But will Lysistrataís plan succeed or backfire on her?

            The music and lyrics created for Lysistrata Jones by Lewis Flinn are catchy and fun.  As befitting the modern day musical, the music doesnít fit the musical comedy genre of old which featured quirky ditties and ballads.  The music and lyrics of this musical comedy are strong and anything but quirky.  The ballads are like songs one would hear on the radio.  The performers in this musical pull off each and every song with strong and believable vocals and I love the way their voices harmonize.  Whoever was casting for this musical did an excellent job.

            Iíve seen promos for Lysistrata Jones on television and thought the musical seemed funny, but until I listened to the original cast recording album, I had no idea just how enjoyable this musical is.  With fun (often times funny) and catchy tunes like Right Now, No More Giving It Up, I Donít Think So, Donít Judge a Book and more mixed with heartfelt ballads like Where Am I Now? and When She Smiles, Lysistrata Jones is incredibly entertaining.  I found myself singing along with the album when I listened to it the second time.  Often times, Iíll listen to an album I am reviewing more than once to get a truer feel for the music.  This time around, I wanted to listen to the album again simply based upon how much I enjoyed listening to it the first time.

            The original cast recording of Lysistrata Jones is so enjoyable that I find myself wanting to see the Broadway musical and imagining just what it might be like if adapted to film.  The booklet that comes along with the album features comments by Douglas Carter Beane and Lewis Flinn, a synopsis of the musical, lyrics and more.  So, check out the Lysistrata Jones original cast recording album from Broadway Records - you wonít be disappointed.


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