The Maid's Room

Musical Score By: Arturo Rodriguez

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the thriller, The Maid's Room, Latina immigrant Drina (Paula GarcÚs) takes a job as a live-in-maid in an affluent section of Long Island, New York.  Drina's duties for the Crawfords (Bill Camp and Annabella Sciorra)  include looking after their pampered son Brandon (Philip Ettinger).  But there are some tasks Drina wasn't prepared for like when Brandon comes home late with new damage on his car shortly before Drina reads about a fatal hit and run accident.  Can she convince Brandon to come clean about what happened that night?  Does she really want to know?

                The musical score of The Maid's Room was created by Mexican pianist, orchestrator, conductor and composer Arturo Rodriguez.  Having focused on composing over the past decade, Rodriguez has worked on a number of projects in various media outlets such as video games, commercials and film.  Some of his works include the scores of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom Cry, Elemental, Zipper and Twixt

                The Maid's Room Soundtrack features an orchestral sound.  Drina's theme features classical piano with strings in the background with a bit of Spanish flare that is a nod toward Drina's heritage.  This theme appears in bits and pieces throughout the soundtrack.  As the score begins we sense an excitement and fear in Drina as she is introduced to the Crawfords and learns all that she is responsible for in her new job.  With the arrival of Brandon, we sense some darker undertones to the score, as if his arrival is actually a bad omen for Drina.  The score becomes darker and more ominous with occasional tinkling of higher pitched piano keys to signify secretive activity going on.  Danger is expressed through loud bursts of brass and banging on lower registry piano keys.

                Arturo Rodriguez's score keeps the listener on edge from the moment that Drina's nemesis enters his home.  As she comes closer to the truth, we become cognizant of just how dangerous that truth can be for Drina.  The score of The Maid's Room is perfect for the thriller quality of the story and an interesting listen for anyone who hasn't seen the film.  I can't wait to hear more from the talented Arturo Rodriguez in the future.


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