Music By: Acoustic Labs

Distributed by: Acoustic Labs

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In August 2016, composer, instrumentalist and producer GC Johnson and his production company Acoustic Labs released a new album entitled Majestik.  An instrumental album, the project is designed to sound as if it were the soundtrack to a movie.  I recently got the chance to check this album out.

                Majestik features quite a unique sound with the blending of guitars and exotic orchestral sounds.  There is a breathy quality to some of the tracks as if wind were being pumped in somehow during the recording.  According to Johnson, various instruments were modified electronically to produce some of the sounds heard on the album, “One of the reasons my brand is called Acoustic Labs is because of the experimentation I do with common instruments using prepared techniques.  I feel changing the sonic footprint of an instrument is valuable as it reinvents something familiar and that serves to keep an audience interested.  It also constantly reinvents the instruments for me and keeps me inspired.”

                As I listened to the album, I found myself wondering about the influences of each track.  There are some definite dramatic influences and some of the tracks feature a touching sort of beauty inspiring one to create their own film scenes within their head to accompany the music.  According to Johnson, “Each track is meant to evoke a key, filmic scene, albeit an imaginary one, and I wanted to traverse a spectrum of film genres as the album progressed.  For instance, in the track ‘Hallowed Be Thy Love’ I was imagining a sequence about a pair of lovers whose connection is forbidden, and may eventually lead to their doom, so there’s emotions of closeness and tension throughout.  In the track ‘Codex Transformata,’ I had in mind a deep inner journey like the beautiful arch of discovery and breakthrough…I hope people will come across the emotions I find most memorable in film, which are discovery, intrigue, intensity, and most resonating for me, delight.”

                The music of Majestik is definitely thought-provoking and often times quite beautiful.  The soothing nature of the music makes it perfect for someone who is looking to dial down after a rough day.  I could definitely see this being used as an accompaniment to mediation.  Great album!


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