Mama's Boy

Music By: Various Artists

Musical Score By: Mark Mothersbaugh

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Mamaís Boy is a comedy centered around Jeffrey Mannus (Jon Heder), a 29-year-old slacker of a man who lives at home with his mother (Diane Keaton).  Mannus has no inclination to change this arrangement until his mother meets motivational speaker Mert (Jeff Daniels) and falls in love.  As Mert moves in on Jeffreyís territory, Jeffrey declares war, enlisting the aide of aspiring singer/songwriter Nora (Anna Faris) in his quest to push Mert out of his motherís life.  But as the war escalates, Jeffrey discovers a new side of him, the inner adult that his been waiting forever to finally be freed.

            The soundtrack of Mamaís Boy is a mix of music from various artists and musical score by Mark Mothersbaugh, former Devo lead singer and keyboard player.  The majority of the music on this soundtrack is British punk and listeners will find themselves either cringing or bobbing their head to the music.  As for me, I was one of the head-bobbers as I listened to fun tracks from The Jam, Billy Bragg, The Rheostatics, Generation X, The Scanners, The English Beat and The Proclaimers.  Most of the songs titles reflected the various ideas in the movie: Hands Off Sheís Mine, But Iím Different Now, Then I Met You.

            I was surprised to find only three tracks of musical score.  Many soundtracks contain either just as many songs as score tracks or they contain a majority of score and very little song.  Mamaís Boy contains three tracks composed by Mark Mothersbaugh.  Remembering the sound of Devo from my youth, I was surprised to find that the tracks composed by Mothersbaugh reflected nothing of his earlier works.  The resulting compositions were serene and enjoyable works full of strings and pianos - a much more mature sound than I was anticipating.  However, I did discover that the two Billy Bragg songs on the soundtrack were also written by Mothersbaugh.  Now these are the songs Iím used to hearing from the former Devo band member.

            If you loathe British Punk, then Mamaís Boy is a waste of time for you.  However, if you enjoy the slightly off-key musings of an angry youth mixed with slamming guitar riffs and fun beats, the Mamaís Boy Soundtrack is just what the doctor ordered.  As far as Iím concerned, this oneís a definite keeper.


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