Marley & Me

Composed By: Theodore Shapiro

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Marley & Me caught my eye the minute I spotted the book in the local Barnes & Noble.  The book is a true story written by John Grogan about his nutty and supremely hyperactive Labrador Retriever’s antics and adventures, and life lessons learned through the love of his dog.  Marley & Me sounded like an adorable concept and yet I never picked up the book.  Now, Marley & Me is a motion picture starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston as a couple who adopt a badly behaved, lovable dog who wins over their hearts despite his behavior.

            The Marley & Me Soundtrack is composed by American composer Theodore Shapiro.  An accomplished conductor, composer and musician, Theodore Shapiro is best known for his film scores which include Not Another Teen Movie, Fun With Dick and Jane, The Devil Wears Prada, You, Me and Dupree, Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder.  From his resume of musical scores, it’s obvious that Theodore Shapiro has had some experience in composing music for comedic films. 

            For Marley & Me, Shapiro chooses to combine a 70’s rock theme with light-hearted orchestral music.  Marley’s theme alternates between humorous orchestral playfulness to rock and roll as he takes off on another puppy adventure.  I particularly loved the Spanish bullfighting theme used to define the Obedience School scene.  I could actually picture the Mexican standoff – obedience school teacher staring down Marley…and you just know Marley is going to win. 

            Although I loved the psychedelic rock themes complete with brilliant guitar riffs, I have to say that the Marley & Me Soundtrack was really nothing special.  There was nothing unexpected and truly nothing that leapt out and grabbed the listener as truly incredible composition.  This soundtrack is what you would expect from a light-hearted film score and nothing more.  Fans of 70’s rock and roll will enjoy the soundtrack, but is it worth the $15.00 U.S. store price?  My opinion – not so much.


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