Mechanic: Resurrection

Musical Score By: Mark Isham

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                After faking his death in The Mechanic, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) returns in the sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection.  Just beginning to enjoy a peaceful retirement from his assassin career, Bishop is forced to return to the life thanks to the actions of a young woman named Gina (Jessica Alba). Now Bishop’s life is once again in danger as he struggles to assassinate a list of some of the most dangerous men in the world.

                The musical score of Mechanic: Resurrection was created by American musician and composer Mark Isham.  The New York native began his career as a trumpet player in symphonies and orchestras before hitting the jazz and rock circuit and developing an interest in electronic music.  In composing music for film and television, Isham combines his love of classical and electronic sound, creating musical scores for such notable projects as Crash, Reservation Road, Family Law, A River Runs Through It, Fire in the Sky, Life as a House, Once Upon a Time, Warrior, American Crime and The Accountant.

                The music of Bishop’s retired life and Gina’s theme (A Vida Barco, Gina Swims, Gina and Bishop) are very similar and feature the softer tones of acoustic guitar and strings.  Danger and action are expressed with electric guitars, electronic and manipulated musical sounds and percussion.  Action scenes are punctuated by explosive sound and faster pace. 

                Though the score for Mechanic: Resurrection is pretty much what I would have expected for an action film, I can still say I enjoyed every minute of it.  I enjoyed the quieter moments just as much as the action.  One cannot always say that about a soundtrack for an action film.  Often times the quiet moments are just that…a couple of notes here and there stuffed in quickly to act as an interlude to the adrenaline packed punch of the action.  But in the Mechanic: Resurrection Soundtrack, the softer tones are meant to represent a life that Bishop desperately wants, but finds himself yanked away from.

The Mechanic Resurrection Soundtrack is worth checking out whether you are a fan of the movie, the composer or just enjoy movie scores that have a little more depth to them. 


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