Memories and Dreams

Published by: H.O. Zimman, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                After visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010, I wanted to be a part of it all, so I decided to donate to the Hall of Fame.  My donation earned me a copy of Memories and Dreams: The Official Magazine of the Hall of Fame.  I received my first issue of the magazine a week ago – the Opening Day 2012 Commemorative Edition, celebrating the 100th birthday of Fenway Park.

                This 48-page magazine is packed with photos and stories about the Boston Red Sox stadium and the players who plied their trade there.  Readers learned of the history of the park, its quirks and dimensions, its greatest players, interesting events that took place there, memories of people who played there and the efforts of fans to preserve their favorite stadium.  The magazine features a centerfold Commemorative Memories and Dreams Player Card of Carl Yastrzemski, one of the Boston Red Sox most celebrated players.  There are features about Babe Ruth and his Boston Red Sox beginnings and Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey and his infinite generosity.

                Of course, there is more to this magazine than just the Red Sox and Fenway Park.  This issue also memorializes Hall of Famer Gary Carter, who passed away this year due to complications from brain cancer.   It also features an article celebrating the two players scheduled to be inducted on July 22, 2012, Barry Larkin and Ron Santo, and discussing the various other baseball recognitions scheduled to take place that day.

                I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this magazine, but I found it to be highly informative and I loved the pictures.  I found it quite a coincidence that I would receive a magazine commemorating Fenway Park after I just finished reading Peter Golenbock’s Red Sox Nation, a book celebrating the Boston Red Sox.  Although much of the information included in this magazine was also included in the book I read, there were some things in the magazine that were quite new to me.

                I was quite happy with this issue of Memories and Dreams and excited to know that I will be receiving five more issues of a baseball magazine of this caliber.  Anyone who calls themselves a fan of baseball should take a trip out to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  After the visit, you’ll probably want to help the effort to keep baseball history alive as much as I did.  If so, you may decide, like myself, to take out a membership in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Then, you, too, can enjoy your own copy of Memories and Dreams Magazine.


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