Original Writing

The Messiah Myth

By JP Messiah

Step through the ashes
Fire from the pyre
Make room in the circle
It's the Violent Messiah
The thunderstorms arrive
The rain begins to pour
The Heavens open up
And it ain't safe no more
Just say my name three times
Like Candyman
And I will cut you with precision
With the knife in my hand
Believe in me
Worship my every step
Worship me in life
Worship me in death
Be my victim
Become one with me
Journey into my realm
And see what I see
It's because you believe
That I keep coming back
It's because you call on me
That I rise to attack
With sweets for the sweet
And blood from your veins
What's blood if not for shedding?
What's blood if not to drain?
Accept my dark gift
It's a curse you cannot lift
To beat the man
You must first defeat the myth

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