Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest)

Composed By: Panu Aaltio

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the documentary Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest), the inhabitants tell the tale of the unique Finnish forest.  The lives of the wildlife unfold through ancient tales and myths and beautiful cinematography.  Central to the film are the ancient trees which provide homes for thousands of the forest denizens, including bears, elk, flying squirrels, ants, frogs, snakes, owls and more.

            The creator of the Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest) Soundtrack is  Panu Aaltio, a Finnish composer who developed a love for music at an early age.  By six, he was a classically trained cellist with a love for electronic music.   He studied music technology and classical composition in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki after high school, then moved to Los Angeles to study film music at the University of Southern California.  Upon graduating, he received the Harry Warren Scholarship for Excellence in Film Scoring.  Panu Aaltio has since combined his love of classical and electronic music to create unique musical scores for such films as The Home of Dark Butterflies, Sauna and Body of Water and the video game Apache: Air Assault.

                I have always loved the music of nature documentaries.  There is an intrinsic beauty in watching nature unfold to the undercurrent of song.  The soundtrack of Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest) is absolutely beautiful, containing classical undertones pointing to Panu Aaltio's early classical training.  I listened to this soundtrack before really knowing what the movie was about, yet I instantly realized that there was a nature theme based on the musical style. 

            There are some very obvious themes in Aaltio's composition.  Flitting flutes and the like demonstrated the quick movements of creatures like rabbits and birds.  Music filled with determination and steady rhythms represented working animals like ants.  Grander themes represented the forest itself and the sturdy beauty of the trees.

            There is an incredible beauty in the music composed by Panu Aaltio for Metsän Tarina.  The composition is so beautiful that I am hopeful that the film comes to the United States in DVD form.  Just based on the music and the various snapshots I have seen from the film, I believe I will absolutely love watching the finished project.  Fans of classical music will find the Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest) Soundtrack to be highly enjoyable.  Fans of music for nature documentaries will find that Panu Aaltio has perfectly captured the beauty of the forest and its denizens with his elaborate composition.  This is a soundtrack well-worth purchasing.


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